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Life science applications often involve storing extremely temperature-sensitive products including tissue samples, frozen plasma, and other high-value materials. Biorepositories and academic laboratories store frozen materials at a wide variety of temperatures (commonly -40°C, -80°C, -140°C, and -200°C) and must comply with regulations. Above all, these organizations and businesses need peace of mind that their medical products are safe in storage.

Our signature Accsense wired and wireless monitoring systems are ideal for monitoring products stored at -80°C temperatures and below, including the full ultralow range all the way down to -200°C. These data loggers monitor medical refrigerators and freezers, cryostats, and liquid nitrogen chambers 24/7 and also provide advanced alarming and messaging features to notify personnel the instant that temperatures go outside safe values.

All Accsense systems capture, record and store data to assist with FDA compliance reporting. These turnkey systems are designed with ease of installation and use in mind, minimizing the need for IT department or training sessions. That’s the Accsense advantage—these features and functionality are essential for your critical applications!

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