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Versatile Solutions for Monitoring Multiple Variables

CAS DataLoggers offers several lines of data loggers equipped with universal input channels. These versatile solutions can measure voltage, current, thermocouples, strain gauges, and many other sensor types. While these dataloggers are more expensive than single- purpose loggers, they can greatly simplify more complex data logging projects, saving both time and money. This flexibility provides you with several convenient advantages:

  • You can move the logger from project to project without having to reconfigure the hardware
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple variables with one data logger–for example, recording temperature using a thermocouple, logging voltage using a pressure sensor, and monitoring the pulse output using a flow meter
  • No matter what signal you’re logging, you use the same software without needing to purchase additional packages or modules.

We can supply your specific application with advanced solutions from dataTaker, Grant Instruments, and Brainchild, as well as sophisticated DAQ systems from Delphin, ADwin, Novus, and more.

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