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SwiTrace I-Plug Dry Ice Data Loggers

Compact Data Loggers For Monitoring Dry Ice Shipments CAS DataLoggers is pleased to introduce the new I-Plug Dry Ice data loggers from SwiTrace. Available in both IPST8U single use and IPMT8U multi-use models, they are designed to record temperatures down to -80°C and are suitable for use with dry ice shipments. They offer built-in alarm … Continued

New Model 1227 Thermo-Anemometer from AEMC

Measurement Results By Pressing One Button The new model 1227 Thermo-Anemometer from AEMC® is designed to record temperature, air velocity and airflow. It is battery powered, compact, lightweight, and simple-to-use with direct access to all functions. All measurement results are easily accessible on the instrument’s front panel simply by pressing 1 button. Measurements can be … Continued

New TDL110 Transport Data Logger from Bosch

Records Temperature, Humidity & Shock The new TDL110 Transport Data Logger from Bosch brings transparency into the entire supply chain. It is designed for monitoring and recording data during transportation and storage of sensitive items. It can be easily attached to shipments of products such as industrial machines or fragile items and configured to record … Continued

New LogBox Wi-Fi Data Logger From Novus

CAS Dataloggers is pleased to announce the new LogBox Wi-Fi – a multi-channel, universal input logger with Wi-Fi connectivity from Novus Automation.

Delphin Releases New ProfiSignal Web Software

ProfiSignal Web-Based Software for Measurement & Testing CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce the release on the new ProfiSignal Web Software package from Delphin Technology. ProfiSignal Web is a state-of-the-art application for measurement and monitoring that allows decentralized data acquisition, centralized data storage and browser-based monitoring using a PC or mobile device. Accessing and analyzing … Continued

New LogBox BLE Wireless Data Logger from Novus

Low Cost Universal Input Logger with Bluetooth Connectivity CAS DataLoggers is pleased to introduce the new LogBox BLE wireless data logger from Novus Automation. The LogBox BLE is the first model in the LogBox Connect family of wireless data loggers which offer local or cloud-based data management. According to Novus engineer Giuliano Guarese, the LogBox … Continued

New Cold Chain Solutions Prove Your Best Practices

PDF Temperature Data Loggers Auto-Generate Validation Reports Perfect for recording temperature in trucks or warehouses, SwiTrace Cold Chain Solutions are easy to use and provide vendors and inspectors with a complete temperature history of your product. Their built-in USB interfaces make it easy for drivers to connect them to a PC for data download. Starting … Continued

Delphin Offers New ProfiMessage D Data Acquisition System

Measurement Data Acquisition, Monitoring & Automation CAS Dataloggers is pleased to announce the new ProfiMessage D Modular Data Acquisition system from Delphin Technology. The ProfiMessage D is the latest in the extremely successful Message family of Delphin products targeted at Industry 4.0 applications. It is designed as a modular measurement, monitoring, and control system for … Continued

dataTaker dEX Issue with New Version of Adobe Flash

dEX Application Has Latency Issues with Latest Version dataTaker has made us here at CAS aware that they have identified a latency dEX issue with the latest version of Adobe flash which causes the dEX browser application and desktop application to become unusable. Users have reported issues when using the following versions: Flash player for … Continued