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Accsense Updates Remote Gateway Utility

Accsense Monitoring has just released a new version of its Remote Gateway Configuration Tool utility. You can download the new update from the CAS DataLoggers Accsense Downloads page. Accsense data loggers can monitor several critical measurement values including Temperature, Humidity, Current/Voltage and more. These cloud-based solutions can also send out email, text message, and phone alarms to multiple recipients. For more information, an Accsense representative will be happy to help you with your questions at (800) 956-4437.

Monitor Products and Environments in Real-Time:

The Remote Gateway Configuration Tool utility helps Accsense users to configure a static IP address. This latest version clarifies some previously unclear wording, making it more accurately reflect current changes to the software.

Accsense wired and wireless monitoring systems are ideal for temperature monitoring in many applications including:

  • Process Monitoring in Plants and Factories
  • Medical monitoring for refrigerators and freezers
  • Life Science and Biorepository Storage
  • Cold chain storage
  • Cleanroom Monitoring for Surgeries and Manufacturing

…and many more!

Tech Support Tutorials:

At CAS DataLoggers our YouTube videos walk you through wiring, setup and connection for Accsense monitoring systems including the A2-05 Ethernet Temperature Data Loggers and the A1-02b Wireless Temperature Data Loggers.

These videos show you how to connect Accsense data loggers to a variety of temperature sensors like RTDs and thermocouples. You can also see a walkthrough on how to wire a data logger to CO2 sensors and magnetic door sensors, enabling you to set an alarm on the number of times a storage unit door is opened.

The Accsense Advantage:

Accsense Monitoring systems automatically notify you whenever your temperature or other values go outside your preset limits. If a storage unit suddenly fails or your facility loses network connection, Accsense systems will also send out Power or Internet outage alarms. All Accsense products have a simple and reliable operation that requires only minimal IT involvement.

Accsense Ethernet Temperature Data Loggers have inputs for two RTDs and a Type T thermocouple to measure product temperatures such as vaccines, blood bags and ultralow cryogenic samples. Users log in using a Web browser to view real-time reports and graphs of temperature data or configure the pod remotely using an Internet connection.