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Accsense Versalog Releases New Software Version

Versatile 8-Channel Data Loggers for Many Applications

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce a new software upgrade for Accsense VersaLog dataloggers. Released in July, SiteView 3.1.1 extends functionality while adding various bug fixes. Accsense VersaLog products are ideal to capture and record your crucial data. If you need a cost-effect device to collect data and for local alarming, call CAS DataLoggers today at (800) 956-4437!

VersaLog TC Temperature Data Logger

Powerful Software:

SiteView is a PC-based application that works with Accsense VersaLog data loggers for downloading data, configuration and data analyzing/plotting. Its user-friendly graphic interface and powerful functionalities allow users to get a quick and detailed view of data and trends.

Additionally, the versatility of custom equations and custom-line equations handle complicated measurement requirements. SiteView works under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.


Data Sent Directly to Your Desktop:

With Accsense Versalog you only have to setup the download schedule once, and SiteView then downloads your data automatically whenever you choose. These schedules can be set for a one-time job or on a regular basis. All downloaded data is saved in its own session database, making it easy to manage the data in your system. SiteView also includes utilities allowing you to explore and graph databases.


SiteView 3 Features:

SiteView includes the following convenient features:

  1. Automatic Data Download function
  2. Database file format downloads data to the system database
  3. Database Explorer and Database Graph Explorer browse data in the system database
  4. Linear equations save linear parameters to the data logger
  5. Monitors and records the on-board battery and the external power supply.

8-Channel Data Loggers with Alarm Notification:

Accsense VersaLog dataloggers are a powerful low-cost solution for data recording applications that also require a local alarm notification. These standalone recorders commonly feature 7-8 channels with models to log Temperature, Humidity, Current or Voltage.

All VersaLog data loggers support USB, Serial port and Ethernet connections for easy local and remote access. All models also have a 4-Megabyte memory for storing up to 2 million measurements. An optional USB device server allows multiple VersaLog loggers to be connected to a single Ethernet port allowing remote, network access.

Software Overview:

  • Real-time viewing and chart recording replaces your old chart recording device
  • Fast communication speed up to 115200 bps allows fast downloads
  • Zoom in/zoom out and annotation/label of graph functions provide detailed view of data
  • Multiple file loading allows easy data comparison
  • Dynamic statistics provide detailed information of the current zoomed view
  • Automatic data backup based on the scheduled interval

For more info on Accsense VersaLog loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data LoggerApplications Specialist at (800) 956-4437.