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ADwin for High-Speed Test & Control Tasks

Real-Time Data Capture & Control for High-Speed Applications

Manufactured in Germany, ADwin data acquisition systems provide tight nanosecond-level speed for the most demanding test and control applications. Whether users need to control a test bench, a PLC, or an electron microscope, ADwin has the performance to fulfil the highest-precision applications. Learn more about ADwin control systems by calling CAS DataLoggers today at (800) 956-4437.

Ideal for Many Applications:

  • Automotive R&D and Production
  • ECU test, Airbag test, Engine test
  • Hydraulic and Fluid Test Stand Control
  • Injection Molding and Die Casting Equipment
  • OEMs
  • Plug-in Boards
  • Test and Control System Integrators
  • Physics Research (electron microscope control, atom traps etc.)

For example, the ADwin-PRO control system is perfect for monitoring and controlling several test stands. The ADwin-Pro is a modular data acquisition system housed in a benchtop or rack-mountable enclosure. Different I/O boards and expansion modules allow the ADwin-Pro to be configured for specific uses. Communication with the host PC can be done through either USB or Ethernet. Plug-in boards support Analog and Digital I/O, Counter/Timers, PWM signal I/O, Thermocouples and RTD’s, GB or MB input modules, Serial, CAN, and Fieldbus communication.

Multiple Form Factors

  • ADwin-Light-16: Plug-in boards and external systems
  • ADwin-GOLD: External, Stand-alone data acquisition system
  • ADwin-PRO: Industrial, modular 19-inch system

Real-Time data acquisition and control

  • Local processor with real-time OS that runs independently from Windows CPU
  • Easy-to-use program development tools
  • Interface library for all of the most common GUI and development packages
  • Sample rate of 100kHz aggregate, to 1.25 MHz per channel
  • Input/Output response time on the order of 1 microsecond
  • ADwin’s analog input speed = 500 kHz
  • True 16-bit resolution
  • Integrated Analog and Digital I/O plus counter/timer channels

Unique Features

  • Very fast response time of 1 uSecond or less
  • High speed PID loops—up to 100 kHz
  • Operation independent of PC—ADwin systems continue to run even if the PC crashes
  • Tightly-coupled analog in/out and digital in/out

ADwin industrial controllers have all the benefits of direct software connection with Windows without the risk of OS lockups and crashes. ADwin’s onboard DSP operates independently of OS. Application development freedom is provided with a full set of available drivers allowing full integration with other applications and programming languages.

Fast Compiling Time

For users of many competing control systems, compiling takes at least a few hours. Worse, if there is even one error, test engineers have to program again from scratch! However, with ADwin, compiling is finished in seconds! This makes ADwin systems especially popular with test engineers and other programmers.

To learn more about ADwin Test & Control Systems, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit our website at