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ADwin for Transient Recording in Test & Control

Dedicated Real-Time Processor Achieves Microsecond Speeds

ADwin Pro-II Real-Time DAQ SystemCAS DataLoggers and German manufacturer Jager-ADwin are proud to announce the latest leap in processing power for transient capture! The ADwin Pro-II Data Acquisition and Control system is ideal for high-speed applications such as transient recording, for automotive test, and more. Test engineers all over the world use ADwin systems to achieve precision control over their critical processes. The innovative ARM-based Pro-CPU-T12 processor module offers users the highest real-time computing power. Learn more by calling a CAS DataLoggers Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 today.


Real-Time Data Acquisition:

Designed for ADwin’s popular ADwin-Pro-II system, the new T-12 ARM-based processor module is largely software-compatible to previous versions. ADwin’s simple graphical user interface provides data visualization on a PC.

ADwin offers users a seamless data acquisition system. This includes a real-time operating system, a communication link to the PC, drivers for all kinds of user interfaces, and the ADbasic real-time development environment allowing C code insertion. This saves considerable development time.


Pro-CPU-T12 Processor

Inside an ADwin system, analog and digital inputs and outputs are connected to a dedicated real-time processor. The ADwin CPU processor module is the center of each ADwin-Pro II system, executing the ADbasic instructions and accessing the inputs, outputs and interfaces of the other modules.


Technical Specifications:

  • XILINX ZYNQ™ with Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9
  • 64-Bit FPU (double precision)
  • 1 GHz processor clock
  • 1 Gigabyte main memory for code and data
  • Trigger input
  • 2 Digital I/Os
  • 1000 MBit Ethernet interface for communication to the PC


Flexible access:

  • Compatible: Use approved ADbasic code for Pro-II hardware
  • Insert C code into ADbasic
  • USB or SATA storage device on the module:
    • Boot-USB: USB stick (integrated)
    • Boot-HDD: Hard disk 2.5″, up to 2 TByte
    • Boot-SSD: Solid State Disk 2.5″, up to 2 TByte
  • Stand-alone operation independent of a PC using the Bootloader


Microsecond Response Times

The key advantage of ADwin Real Time systems are their tightly-coupled analog and digital inputs along with counters which provide extremely low-latency operation. These devices utilize a modular form factor with plug-in modules to allow up to 480 analog or digital inputs in a single chassis.

The Pro II system’s extraordinary speed provides applications with a high data rate and deterministic operation with usecond response times. In addition, ADwin’s fast processor allows an intelligent pre-selection of relevant data, mathematical functions, or digital channel filtering.

The ADwin Pro-II is available in a broad variety of robust housing with a wide variety of different modules. The ADwin software environment can be used under Windows (2000/XP/Vista/Win7) and Linux, or as a stand-alone data acquisition system.