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Bespoke Measurement Systems Customized to Your Needs

Complete Delphin Measurement & Test Systems for Any Application

Do you need to record and monitor measurement data from machinery and systems, or to automate a test stand? Then allow Delphin Measurement Systems to provide you with professional data acquisition systems, data loggers, and testing equipment. Manufactured in Germany, Delphin systems are in use in more than 1,000 measurement and test applications around the world.

At CAS DataLoggers, our customers benefit from our experience and diverse product offerings from Delphin and more. Our Applications Engineers are on-call to deliver a complete solution for your own project needs.

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Systems for Nearly Any Measurement Requirement:

Take a look at Delphin’s broad range of products:

Expert Logger for Wireless Data Transfer:

Delphin measurement - Expert LoggerThe Delphin Expert Logger combines the latest wireless communication technology with advanced measurement capability. Expert Logger devices are available in multiple versions capable of processing 16, 32 or 46 analog input channels. Depending on the version, additional digital inputs and outputs are also available.

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Expert Vibro—Measuring and Analyzing Vibrations:

Delphin measurement - Expert Vibro Data Acquisition SystemThe Expert Vibro is Delphin’s latest vibration measurement device. 8 or 16 synchronous, high-precision analog inputs are available to suit monitoring requirements on rotating machinery and general vibration monitoring applications. Additionally, the 24-bit A/D converters ensure high-precision measurements.

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Expert Key—Universal Measurement Data Recording Using a PC:

Delphin measurement - Expert Key Logger Data Acquisition SystemDelphin Expert Key data acquisition systems are designed for PC-based measurement and testing applications. Meanwhile, Delphin ProfiSignal Go software enables users to quickly begin acquiring measurement data.

Expert Key devices have been designed and developed according to customer requirements, incorporating reliable measurement technology. These devices can be connected to PCs either via USB or LAN interfaces. The standard version provides users with a practical range of functions.

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Expert Transient—Identifies Faults and Analyzes Processes:

Delphin measurement - Expert Transient Data Acquisition SystemRecording at 50 kHz on 8 or 16 synchronous analog inputs coupled with synchronous digital inputs, Delphin’s Expert Transient data acquisition system enables faults to be identified and rectified, including sporadically-occurring faults.

Measurement data can either be triggered or continuously-recorded over long time periods. The Expert Transient is also equipped with powerful FPGA technology.

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ProfiMessage—Acquiring Modular Data and Automating Test Procedures:

Delphin measurement - Profimessage Data Acquisition SystemsDelphin ProfiMessage data loggers are ideal for automating test stands and also for monitoring applications involving a large number of channels. Does your application need more channels? You can easily retrofit your system using ProfiMessage as a slave device or with an I/O card.

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ProfiSignal—Professional Software for Data Acquisition:

Delphin ProfiSignal Measurement Software is used by thousands of customers around the world, with three separate versions for data visualization, analysis, and automation. With the latest version, trends are even easier to set up and operate, whether for 10 or 10,000 channels!

ProfiSignal’s areas of application range from basic data archiving through to visualization and fully-automated systems complete with report functions. Almost anything is possible using ProfiSignal.

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