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CANbus Data Logger for Diesel Engine Monitoring

Universal Data Logger Monitors Several Engine Parameters Simultaneously

dataTaker DT85 Universal Input Data LoggerEPA emissions regulations mandate that automotive manufacturers and designers reduce pollutants from their diesel engines. All applicable engines need verification that their emission controls are effective and up-to-date regarding air toxics, etc. As enforcement has increased, QA and documentation are paramount. To collect the necessary data, the industry has to monitor diesel engines over the CAN network for Temperature, Pressure, RPM and more.

CAS DataLoggers can provide you with a single compliance solution with the Series 3 dataTaker DT85 Intelligent Data Loggers, along with the CANgate CANbus to Serial Converter. These advanced monitoring products can help you to ensure that your engines are properly tested and documented for full EPA compliance.

Log It All with dataTaker

dataTaker data loggers provide an extensive array of features for use in a wide variety of automotive applications such as engine monitoring, research and development, vehicle testing, and other data collection tasks.

During the monitoring phase of compliance, dataTaker data loggers are ideal for temperature and pressure sensing, particularly diesel engine temperature during operation. Our dataTaker data loggers are built with a rugged construction for years of use and are offered at a cost-effective price.

dataTaker DT85 for High-Channel Applications

Connecting to most sensors and data measurement sources, the dataTaker DT85 data logger has the versatility to monitor nearly any physical measurement value at high accuracy while connecting to a large number of inputs. Its 16 to 48 universal analog sensor inputs allow measurement of almost any type of sensor including thermocouples, RTD’s, thermistors, and strain gauges as well as logging voltage, current, resistance and frequency. Meanwhile its 12 digital I/O channels and 4 high-speed counter inputs can be used to monitor equipment status or to count events or pulses. Measuring RPM and many other factors, the DT85 also features phase encoder inputs and programmable serial sensor channels.

For high-channel applications, the dataTaker DT85 is expandable up to 900 analog inputs as needed. The clear built-in display shows all current readings, while the data logger can store up to 10 million data points in user-defined memory. Advanced communications capabilities include RS232 with modem support, Ethernet and USB memory stick ports.


Additionally, the dataTaker CANgate CAN to ASCII gateway filters and converts CAN (Controller Area Network) and GPS (Global Positioning System) data to Serial ASCII data. The Gateway captures the real-time data available on CAN and GPS networks and passes that engine monitoring information on to either a dataTaker data logger or host computer system. Two CAN interface ports are included, which allow connection of two independent CAN networks.

The CANgate’s versatile configuration options allow users to select the parameters of interest, to apply statistical functions (average, minimum, maximum), and to control the format in which data is returned. The CANgate also supports widely-used protocols such as ISO-15765 and SAE-J1939, as well as raw CAN frames.

Software Included

Free graphical interface software is built-in with dataTaker data loggers. dEX is a user-friendly resource allowing users to quickly configure the data logger and view real-time measurements, calculations, and diagnostic information. Users can also view real-time data as mimics, trend charts or tables, and retrieve historical data for analysis.

The dataTaker’s software runs directly from a web browser and can be accessed anywhere that a TCP/IP connection is available including worldwide over the Internet. Users can view dEX using any of the logger’s built-in communications ports including Ethernet, USB and RS-232.

For more information on Series 3 dataTaker Universal Data Loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit our website at