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CAS DataLoggers Is Headed to Germany!

Upcoming Cutting-Edge Solutions for Data Acquisition

This September, CAS DataLoggers is headed to Germany! Sales Mgr. Pete Martin and Engineering Mgr. Terry Nagy are headed to Cologne and Lorsch, visiting German manufacturers Delphin and Jager-ADwin respectively for training on upcoming data acquisition products. These advanced systems are ideal solutions for use in industrial measurement and control.


Designed primarily for automotive CANbus control applications, ADwin data acquisition systems are ideal for measurement and control in automotive R&D, ECU test, test stand control, and more. These industrial controllers execute commands in usecond speed with extremely low-latency operation.

Multiple Form Factors:

  • ADwin-Light-16 Plug-in boards and external systems
  • ADwin-GOLD Stand-alone, external system
  • ADwin-PRO Industrial, modular 19-inch system

ADwin advantages:

  • Very fast response times of 1 usecond or less
  • High-speed PID loops—up to 100 kHz or more advanced control functions
  • Real-time operation independent of a PC—the system continues to run even if the PC crashes
  • Tightly-coupled analog and digital I/Os
  • Optional stand-alone operation
  • Compact, robust form factor
  • Interface library for all of the most common GUI and development packages (VB, VC, Labview)
  • Versions in external enclosures with USB or Ethernet interfaces

Professional Measurement Technology from Delphin:

Delphin Technology data loggers and data acquisition systems feature different analog and digital I/O modules for use with a wide range of signal types including: Voltage; 4-20 mA Current; Thermocouple; RTD; and Resistance. Typical uses include environmental measurement, laboratory data acquisition, R&D, and product trials and testing.

The compact Delphin Expert Logger 100 offers users all the measurement and flexible communications features of a next-generation data logger. All analog inputs are galvanically-isolated from each other. A 24-bit A/D converter ensures fast, precision sampling rates of up to 50 measurements per second per channel.

Additional data loggers in the Expert Logger family expand on the number of universal inputs and digital channels to suit many different applications, with 16, 32 or 46 analog input channels. Measurement data can be accurately acquired, independently stored, and transmitted to the internet or a PC for evaluation via USB, LAN, WLAN or LTE.

Powerful Software:

Users can quickly and effectively operate Delphin systems using the powerful ProfiSignal Go software that is included free in delivery. ProfiSignal Go can be used to portray measurement data in trends and to carry out detailed analysis.

For more info on our large inventory of Data Acquisition and Control systems, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437.