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CAS DataLoggers Website Features New Product Videos

See for Yourself Which Product is Right for Your Application!

Are you searching for a reliable device to record Temperature, Current/Voltage, or another type of data? At CAS DataLoggers, our custom solutions have the flexibility, communication options, and alarm capability your project needs.

Now you can visit our new Product Videos page to see a selection of brief videos which highlight the key functions and features of the most popular data loggers and data acquisition systems we offer.


New Product Videos Make Your Search Easier!

To help narrow down your search, we’ve got an extensive collection of new Product Videos spotlighting our dataloggers and data acquisition systems. Featuring our very own Pete Martin, Sales Manager at CAS DataLoggers, our new videos showcase quality systems from Accsense Monitoring, Delphin Technologies, T&D, and more.

With just a quick click on one of our videos, you’ll see that product’s sensor inputs, communications features, and more. You’ll also hear an expert overview discussing details relevant to many applications such as temperature monitoring.

We provide data loggers which measure and record nearly every measurement value, including Temperature, Humidity, Voltage/Current and more. With over 18 manufacturers, we have the largest inventory of data logging products available anywhere.

Shopping’s Simple!

 At CAS DataLoggers we make it easy to shop directly from our website. If you’re ready to buy, just visit our Shop page where you can choose to either Shop Data Loggers or Shop Data Acquisition Systems.

We have many data loggers designed for cold chain temperature monitoring, for transit in trucks, for environmental monitoring, and more! We also offer high-speed Data Acquisition systems to capture dynamic signals such as pressure transients, vibrations, dynamic force, strain and acceleration, and other rapidly-changing signals or transients. These systems also offer powerful software to analyze and trend the data.

Whether you need a portable temperature logger or an advanced system to simultaneously log several temperature channels and other types of data, we have the ideal product for your application.

It’s Easy to Find What You Need!

 Using our website’s Find a Datalogger feature, it’s never been easier to find the right product! From our Main page, just check off which features you want on our checklist to immediately see all the relevant products we offer. You can also use the dropdown menus to the right of our homepage to search by Measurement, Application or Manufacturer.

Unlike many other distributors, we continue to support our customers with FREE on-call technical support for all our products.

To find the ideal data logger for your application, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437.