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Complete Energy Monitoring and Fault Analysis Solution

New Measurement Case with OPC UA and Cloud Interface

measurement-case-2German manufacturer Delphin Technology now offers a Custom Measurement Case based on the high-speed Energy Monitoring Expert Logger series with an integrated OPC UA interface. The measurement case combines two important applications to make it a highly practical device for manufacturing operations: collecting Energy Consumption data and performing Fault Analysis.

CAS DataLoggers is an experienced American distributor of data loggers and data acquisition systems. We provide free on-call technical support on all of our products, along with value-added services including on-site installation, programming, and complete turn-key systems such as these.

Cut Your Energy Costs and Help Protect Machinery

  • For Energy Audits, Delphin’s new measurement case is able to acquire Energy Consumption data, perform energy analysis functions, and store data.
  • For Condition Monitoring, Delphin can analyze faults in machines and process signals. Delphin’s mobile measurement case is available in a range of different configurations to suit your specific application.

For remote monitoring applications, the new case is also equipped with an OPC UA interface and can transfer measurement data directly to the cloud.

Energy Efficiency Studies

For energy monitoring applications, the case can be equipped with up to three independent measurement circuits to measure power. This enables users to simultaneously record, view and store the energy consumption of several machines. Depending on your specific requirements, power measurement units can be used to record Real, Reactive, and Apparent power, as well as Voltages, Currents and Power Factors (cos phi).

Current/voltage converters can also be used to acquire peak values or to analyze networks for diagnostic purposes. For this purpose, the case has eight synchronous digital/frequency inputs for acquiring energy-meter or flow readings. Electrical connection is via pluggable screw terminals or special connectors according to specific customer requirements.

Fault Analysis

Delphin’s professional measurement case also offers up to 46 analog inputs and 48 digital inputs for fault analysis. Sampling rates range from 20 µsec up to hours – or daily average rates. All measurement data and energy consumption data can be independently stored within the measurement case itself. An internal data storage capability offers space for up to approximately 500 million measurement values including high-precision time-stamping.

Powerful Analysis Software

Delphin’s ProfiSignal Go software is included in delivery. This software enables evaluation using a range of different diagrams portraying data from a µsec resolution up to annual overviews. This professional data acquisition software is ideal for both monitoring and automating your process, complete with archiving and trend functionality.

The different Delphin ProfiSignal versions are based on the number of channels (up to an unlimited amount) that you can use simultaneously within a project.

For more info on Delphin Data Loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit our website at