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Custom Modbus Systems Monitor Temperature and More

CAS DataLoggers Designs and Delivers Custom Systems

If you need a data logging system that meets your I/O requirements, such as a distributed system to monitor multiple points spread across a factory floor or several buildings, call CAS DataLoggers! We can design and create a custom data logging system for your application by integrating Modbus-based devices from different manufacturers.


Customize Our Systems to Your Needs

Custom Modbus Systems

The Modbus protocol allows communication between devices using a number of different physical interconnections. This allows the data logger system to be distributed over longer distances.

Our custom Modbus systems consist of three parts:

  • One or more loggers to manage the data collections, storage, and alarming functions
  • Analog and digital I/O modules to receive the sensor inputs and provide the necessary analog or digital outputs
  • A communications bus to interconnect the loggers and I/O modules
  • An Optional HMI to display data and control the system

Modbus provides a way to seamlessly tie all of these devices together as part of a system customized to fit your exact needs.

AirGate Modbus Gateway

The Novus AirGate-GPRS is a gateway designed for remote access to a Modbus network while sending alarm and status notifications via SMS messaging. The gateway is able to route Modbus packets from local and remote masters to local network segments. The Cloud Gateway also offers an intuitive web interface that allows users to view recent data, connection status, and more.

When configured with a data plan SIM card, access to the Novus Cloud Gateway server is available through the GSM/GPRS network. Additionally, it embeds two onboard analog or digital inputs for cost-effective telemetry applications. The two local RS 485 interfaces provide a connection to remote Modbus devices through the cloud gateway.

If you need to view live data, alarms, and charts without a PC, we can provide an HMI with a touch screen and a custom page(s) to allow easy visualization of measurement values and to allow various control functions.

Customer Example

Recently one of our customers who owns a large manufacturing facility requested a multi-point oven and freezer monitoring system. After talking with the customer, our Inside Engineering department incorporated three different data logging products into custom systems.

Each of these devices utilizes a dataTaker Intelligent Data Logger as its ‘brain,’ while a Novus Airgate GPRS Modbus Gateway provides remote communications. To add additional inputs, we used Brainchild Distributed I/O Modules which are Modbus-based solutions for distributed I/O applications.

Each system features 2-8 Thermocouple inputs. Currently, four of these devices are installed, (providing 24 thermocouple inputs) more than enough for the customer’s requirements. In turn, each data logger system is located outside an oven or freezer, trailing a thermocouple probe located inside the oven’s interior. In this way, each of the customer’s ovens and freezers can be monitored ‘in clusters.’

For more information on our Custom Modbus Data Loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or request more information.