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Customer Testimonial for T&D Data Loggers

Wireless Temperature & Humidity Recorders

As the nation’s leading T&D distributor, CAS DataLoggers offers T&D wireless data loggers for businesses in every industry. Posting on the IPC Technet Forum, seen by more than 140,000 companies around the world, our customer Richard D. Stadem comments: “I currently have the T&D Dataloggers working at two of the client companies I work for, and they’ve been working 24/7 for three years now without any issues.”

T&D products are easy to use, log temperature on their own, and are built to last in any industrial environment. Give CAS DataLoggers a call today at (800) 956-4437!

T&D TR-71wf Temperature Data Logger

Do You Need to:

  • Set Temperature Alarms for Food & Beverage products?
  • Show regulatory compliance in the form of temperature data?
  • Receive email alarms 24/7 no matter where you are?
  • Store & View data online?

T&D does it all, and can also monitor Humidity, Current/Voltage, Pulse, and more!

Mr. Stadem explains, “The dataloggers are being used to monitor freezers, refrigerators, ovens, and room humidity. My clients also have many other systems. A single datalogger can monitor up to 8 remote devices, and they can be any mix of temperature or humidity sensors.

If a reading goes out of range, the logger will automatically contact you via email, phone, or audio alarm, or all three.”


WiFi Loggers Record Temp & Humidity

T&D data loggers are designed with remote monitoring capability so users can get immediate alarms anytime, anywhere. For example, T&D TR-71wf wireless data loggers are 2-channel thermo recorders with wireless communication. These dataloggers will auto-send recorded data to the free T&D Online Cloud Storage service so you can view it directly from a smartphone or tablet without a network.

T&D wireless products are ideal for monitoring temperature in a pair of distributed storage units or at two separate points in a room. This makes them ideal for food temperature management in:

  • Warehouse storage areas
  • Restaurants and Delis (walk-in freezers, meat lockers, etc.)
  • Transport in Trucks (for ‘reefer’ compartments, etc.)


T&D WebStorage Service:

Experience the convenience of sharing recorded data online! T&D’s free Online Cloud WebStorage Service  is perfect for processing and managing data recorded in remote places and for allowing several people to view the same data whenever they want. It’s easy to view data and receive alarms no matter where you are from your mobile device or a PC!

Data storage capacity is 20MB. Users can also check the current conditions of data loggers such as battery level and radio signal strength. Any of T&D’s compatible products can transmit recorded data to the WebStorage Service.

Mr. Stadem posts, “T&D keeps the data at their own central website, so you can log on from anywhere to monitor or download your data charts. They also notify you when your allotted data space is about to be exceeded, and they automatically archive the data in your files.

“Initially I had some questions with getting the units set up in the various factories but the folks at T&D provided expert guidance in helping me get them set up and working. In retrospect, if I had simply followed the instructions a little better I would not have even had to call them.

“T&D systems have proven to be extremely reliable and very cost-effective. I do not own stock or have any other interest in the company, just a very happy customer!”