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Delphin Expert Logger 300 for Multi-Channel Applications

Flexible Measurement and Large Memory in a Compact Design

Measurement tasks in both industrial and lab environments often require processing of a large number of analog inputs. Delphin Technology has now extended its popular Expert Logger range with the new Expert Logger 300 which can easily handle any multi-channel requirement and is equipped with 46 universal channels. Within its compact design, all inputs are differential and have galvanic isolation to protect them against interference from sensor circuits while also preventing earth loops. The analog inputs have high-precision 24-bit resolution and high-speed sampling rates of up to 50 measurements per second. CAS DataLoggers is Delphin’s Master Distributor in North America –  give us a call at (800) 956-4437.


Typical Applications for the Expert Logger 300

Due to its universal characteristics, the Expert Logger 300 and its powerful ProfiSignal software is suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Multi-channel temperature measurement and monitoring
  • Cleanroom monitoring for refrigerator units
  • Product testing and environmental simulation
  • Endurance testing on accumulators and fuel cells
  • Monitoring of building structures, bridges and tunnels
  • Independent acquisition of measurement data from solar units and solar power generators
  • Industrial plant and machinery optimization
  • Calibration of industrial oven systems
  • Energy data acquisition complying to EN50001
  • Condition and remote monitoring of plant and machinery
  • And more


Flexible and High-Speed

The universal inputs can be individually-configured for mVolt, mA, Pt100(0), Resistance, Thermocouple or DMS sensors. Resistances of up to 100 KOhm can be measured directly along with Pt100(0) sensors using both 4- and 3-wire technology.

Expert Loggers require just 210 mm of rail space, making for easy installation into existing switch cabinets. Multi-channel, complete systems requiring minimal space are then possible, while detachable terminal connectors simplify assembly and wiring.

Internal data storage of up to 14 GB (approx. 420 million measurement values) make Expert Logger devices ideal for autonomous measurement and monitoring tasks. To provide data security, the internal storage capability can also serve as a backup for PC-based measurement systems. Measurement data can be stored fully automatically via FTP upload to an external storage medium such as a NAS drive, network server or internet cloud. In applications without network support, data can be easily transferred from the Logger`s internal storage using a USB stick or USB HD.

A WLAN and UMTS/LTE option is also available for the Expert Logger 300 device.

Expert Logger devices are supplied with the powerful ProfiSignal Go software. ProfiSignal Go displays both current and historical measurement data in state-of-the art trend diagrams. Zooming can be performed from annual to millisecond levels and data analyzed in high resolution, regardless of the volume of data involved. ProfiSignal software is unique in being Office-compatible with measurement data being exportable in ASCII format to Excel, or vector-based graphics inserted into Word documents.