Even Prisons Aren’t Safe from Hackers — Are You?

Is Your Data as Secure as You’d Like?

A story picked up by USA Today last year revealed a clever hacking job at a prison, of all places! A report by the Office of the Ohio Inspector General has been published detailing the incident, which occurred at The Marion Correctional Institution outside Columbus, OH. Quoting the article, “…inmates built the said computers from spare parts, transported them through security checks, hid the machines, ran cabling and ultimately connected them to the prison’s network.”

You can read the full article on USA Today here.

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An Inside Job

Even Prisons Aren’t Safe from HackersAfter hiding their makeshift PC in the ceiling of a training room, inmates then hardwired it to the prison network via an unprotected router. Prison officials only discovered the hack after getting an alert that one of the computers on the network had “….exceeded its daily internet usage threshold. The log-in credentials being used were for an employee who was not working that day.”

Once their computer was connected to the system, inmates then downloaded hacking tools, forged prison security passes, and even committed identity theft!

Consequences could be forthcoming for prison staff. The report continues, “The inspector general’s report concluded that MCI employees failed to report suspected illegal activity, failed to supervise inmates and protect computer resources, failed to follow crime scene protection policies and failed to follow password security policy.”

What About Your Data?

Just as with this case, many businesses and organizations only learn they’ve been hacked AFTER the fact!

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