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How Expensive is Process Downtime?

Don’t Be At Risk of Delays and Shutdowns

Is your plant or factory using legacy PLC systems, SCADA systems, I/O controllers, or other aging control equipment? While many businesses consider it too costly to upgrade their older systems, this puts them at increased risk of process downtime in the form of delays and shutdowns. With some estimates pricing just an hour of downtime at $100,000 or more for the Fortune 1000, can you afford to keep relying on obsolete infrastructure?

Get ready for next year’s Q1—just request a demo of our measurement and control systems which can save your business time and labor! Call CAS DataLoggers at (800) 956-4437 or click here to request more information.

Intelligent Systems for Monitoring and Control:

dataTaker DT80GW Geotechnical data logger with integrated wifi -process downtimeThe latest models of data loggers and data acquisition systems have several intelligent monitoring capabilities which can help optimize your process or solve a specific problem for your company’s operations.

Intelligent automated systems can automatically transmit alarm notifications over SMS text message or email. As a common example, it’s simple to configure the data logger so that whenever productivity or machine runtime drops, users will get an instant alarm.

For example, the new Series 4 dataTaker Data Loggers can perform both monitoring and control tasks, freeing your personnel from having to take manual measurements themselves. dataTaker systems feature universal analog input channels to connect with a wide range of sensor types including thermocouples, thermistors, current transducers, and more—all on one system using one software application.

At CAS DataLoggers we have many dataTaker models to suit your exact channel count and communication preferences, whether USB, Serial, Ethernet, Cellular Modem, Wireless or more.

Want to learn more? Watch this video on dataTaker Intelligent, Universal Input Family of Loggers.

delphin process downtime Advanced Measurement Systems for Data Visualization:

Manufactured in Germany, Delphin Data Acquisition Systems are designed to perform a wide range of measurement and control tasks in plants and factories. Delphin devices feature different analog and digital I/O modules for use with a wide range of signal types including voltage; 4-20 mA current; thermocouple; RTD; and resistance.

Meanwhile, Delphin’s powerful alarm and programming capabilities allow these systems to automatically take data samples and to execute commands on their own, such as triggering a PLC or relay.

Want to learn more? Watch this video on Delphin Expert Key Series

View Real-Time Data Using Powerful Software:

DataTaker dEX software makes it easy to set your data logging schedules for each sensor, view your process data in real-time mimics, and download data. Users can totalize data to get an accurate view of productivity, event counts, volume, energy production/consumption and more. dEX runs directly from a web browser and can be accessed anywhere that a TCP/IP connection is available.

If you need analysis and automation capabilities, Delphin ProfiSignal software is a comprehensive software package for data acquisition, visualization, analysis and automation using Delphin instruments. Available in three versions with a range of options to extend its functionality, Profisignal is a scalable system that provides a consistent interface whether there are 10 or 1000 channels in the application.

For more information on how an intelligent data logger can automate your process, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Engineer at (800) 956-4437 or click here to request more information.