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Expert Logger Devices Simplify Vehicle Test Applications

Delphin Adds CANbus Interfaces and J1939 Protocol as Standard

Vehicle Data Logger ApplicationTo ensure effective automotive testing, vehicle component connectivity needs to include CAN bus systems. Whether working on mobile measurement tasks or in stationary testing at stands, users require data not only from standard sensors placed on the test samples, but also data being processed in controller units in the samples themselves. Therefore, synchronized acquisition of measurement and controller data is necessary to acquire all the data in real-time and to carry out evaluation quickly and easily.

To accomplish this, Delphin Expert Logger Devices are equipped with two separate CAN bus interfaces to enable this synchronous data processing. The CAN interfaces also include the SAE J1939 protocol which has established itself in high-powered drive systems such as marine diesels and commercial vehicles.

CAN bus interfaces and J1939 protocol:

Delphin Expert Key devices synchronously process data at high acquisition rates, both in automotive applications as well as in industrial test, measurement and automation tasks.

The CAN-RAW protocol enables bidirectional data exchange across the CAN bus. Configuration then takes place by directly addressing a CAN identifier. Thanks to this method, additional communication protocols are therefore no longer necessary.

Via the CAN bus, all data can of course be read, written and processed in the same way as for the attached analog and digital inputs and outputs. All necessary CAN signals can then be easily monitored, computed, archived and also visualized using Delphin ProfiSignal software.

Applications using Expert Logger devices and CAN interfaces:

  • Testing for road and rail vehicles and ships
  • Test stand automation using the bidirectional CAN bus
  • Long-term archiving and monitoring for testing service life and endurance
  • High-speed synchronized data acquisition at test stands
  • Data acquisition of drive systems, frequency converters, and controllers
  • Test stands for ship and commercial-vehicle engines
  • Fault analysis of road and rail vehicles
  • Test trials and development of forklifts
  • Mobile measurement case for PC-independent fault analysis on machinery and engines

Mobile Data Acquisition in Heavy Goods Vehicles and on Ships:

Monitoring high-powered aggregators in real-time operations on heavy goods vehicles and on ships requires synchronized acquisition of pressures, temperatures, flow rates and other data. Such equipment also delivers internal data from engine controllers. This is transferred via a CAN bus and is based on the SAE J1039 protocol.

A single Delphin Expert Logger with two separate CAN bus interfaces—along with other serial interfaces—delivers not only physical data and CAN bus information, but can also be connected to a GPS sensor via an RS232 interface.

In vehicle testing, it’s important to also synchronously acquire the continuous positional data of a vehicle. In addition to this positional data, the GPS sensor also provides an absolute real-time reference. This ensures that measurement data, controller data and positional data can all be stored with corresponding time-stamps within an Expert Logger device operating fully independently of PC support.

For more info on the Delphin Expert Logger Series, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437.