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Hospital Solutions Help Protect Vaccines & Drugs

Accsense Monitoring Systems Give Peace of Mind

Temperature Monitoring - Accsense Monitoring Systems Vaccines & Drugs
Accsense temperature monitoring systems provide hospitals and clinics with single and multi-point monitoring in both wired and wireless models. Accsense systems provide healthcare staff with voice, email or SMS alarm notifications of unsafe changes in temperature or sudden power outages.

For regulatory compliance in clinics and hospitals, Accsense provides users with peace of mind. All the temperature data and documentation is stored on our secure cloud servers to show to auditors. Using your Accsense Online Account, you can login through any Web browser to view data in real time and access each pod’s historic data in graph form.

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A2-05-W Wifi Temperature Data Logger Temperature MonitoringAccsense Temperature Monitoring Features:

  • Continuous Temperature Monitoring 24/7
  • Automated Operation
  • Alarm notification via telephone voice messaging, email, and SMS texts
  • View Real-Time Data as Graphs and Charts
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Regulatory Compliance Made Easy!
  • FREE On-Call Technical Support!

Where Should You Monitor Temperature in Your Hospital?

  • Medical Refrigerators and Freezers: Medical storage units require continual temperature monitoring to help protect valuable life science inventory including drugs, blood supplies, and patient samples.

Solution: The Accsense A2-05W Wireless Temperature Data Logger has inputs for two external RTD temperature probes and an additional input for a thermocouple. This makes it a low-cost way to monitor a combination medical refrigerator/freezer unit or two storage units at distributed points. Using a standard WiFi connection to the internet, the wireless data logger quickly connects to your WiFi Network. We also offer a Wired Ethernet version for LAN-based temperature monitoring.

  • Vaccine Storage Units: Under the federal Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, healthcare providers must adhere closely to the CDC’s vaccine storage and handling guidelines. The CDC recommends using to electronically document vaccine temperature history. Since most VFC refrigerators contain vaccine inventory valued at $30,000 to $60,000, a temperature monitoring system can pay for itself by helping to avoid a loss of product.

Solution: The Accsense Vaccine Storage Temperature Monitoring Kit comes complete with a NIST-traceable certificate of calibration, all hardware, and a one-year monitoring plan. With just a click you can view data online from any web-enabled device—desktop, laptop or smartphone!

  • Hospital Morgues: At CAS Dataloggers we offer several solutions to monitor, track and send alarm notifications about temperatures in body storage coolers and facilities.

Solution: A2-05 Wired Ethernet Temperature Data Loggers helped provide a solution for Euclid Hospital located near Cleveland, Ohio. The Lab Team Leader explains why he went with Accsense for his morgue: “Accsense is very convenient for our remote monitoring needs; in case anything goes wrong in the basement, I’ve always got the alarm on my phone. All the alarming capabilities are great–now we don’t have to constantly go down to the basement to check on the cooler anymore.”

  • Operating Theaters: Operating theatres and surgery rooms often require temperature and humidity monitoring due to condensation dripping from the ceiling. This potential risk of patient contamination can be prevented by taking remedial action in response to an automated Accsense phone call or text notification.

Solution: The Accsense A1-01a Wireless Environmental Data Logger has internal temperature and humidity sensors and will continue to log data even during power or Internet outages.

State of the Art Medical Monitoring:

Current Accsense customers include Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Stanford Hospital & Clinics, UCLA Medical Center and many other prestigious medical facilities.

To learn more about these world-class Accsense temperature monitoring systems, call CAS DataLoggers at (800) 956-4437 or click here to request more information.