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Lascar Introduces EasyLog-21-CFR Software

21-CFR-Compliant Data Logging

Do your temperature monitoring systems need to be 21-CFR Part 11-compliant? Lascar now offers all the software security demanded by this regulation, along with a combination temperature and humidity logger. The software is compatible with Lascar’s EL-21CFR-2-LCD Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Datalogger. CAS DataLoggers supplies this and other Lascar dataloggers for users in Food & Beverage, Life Science and more—call us today at (800) 956-4437 to learn more!


21 CFR-Compliant Data Logging:

Lascar’s latest software offering allows users to store data in compliance with the regulations of 21CFR Part 11. The new 21CFR software allows users to login to the software with specific permissions. Readings collected from the data logger are stored in an encrypted format which cannot be edited.

In addition, the software provides a full audit trail of activities and actions taken, with users being able to add comments to specific readings before being approved by an authorized user. Electronic signatures are added to all reports to show who has started, stopped and approved the session data.

Lascar EL-21CFR-2-LCD Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Data Logger

Control Your Data:

EasyLog 21-CFR software ensures digital security and compliance:

  • Assign individual users with specific permissions
  • Full software & session data audit trails
  • Receive email alerts for failed login attempts
  • Digital signatures added to all reports
  • Add comments to specific readings

Version 7.4 of Lascar’s EasyLog software has launched! The latest build of the software includes a new Summary Report from the Export menu that allows a quick overview of data relating to your logging session. Using a wizard format to guide the user through setup of the data logger and subsequent download of collected data, this software puts the ‘Easy’ into EasyLog!

The software is supplied free of charge with each data logger. Easy to install and use, the control software runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista & 7. The software is used to setup the data logger as well as to download, graph and export data to Excel. The software allows the following parameters to be configured:

  • Logger name
  • Logging rates
  • Alarms
  • Immediate, delayed and push-to-start logging
  • Data rollover and more

Video Demonstrations of EasyLog Software:

How to setup an EL-USB data logger:

How to download data:

High-Quality Loggers Starting at Less than $100!

LASCAR USB data loggers provide an inexpensive easy-to-use solution for stand-alone data recording of temperature, humidity, voltage, current and carbon monoxide. The built-in USB interface makes connection to a PC for setup and downloading data a snap.