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Lascar Introduces New 21-CFR Compliant Series Data Loggers

WiFi Sensors Push Data to the Cloud!

Lascar Electronics has extended its popular range of 21CFR-compliant dataloggers to include WiFi-enabled sensors! Along with their own secure cloud-based monitoring system, Lascar data loggers enable users to view temperature and humidity data anytime, anywhere!

Lascar’s new FilesThruTheAir 21CFR-compliant series offers all the security and confidentiality of a 21-cfr compliant system. These discreet WiFi sensors are ideal for monitoring in many areas: using the WiFi network, they push the data to the 21CFR- compliant cloud. Users instantly know when an area or storage unit is too hot, cold or humid.

21CFR Compliance Solution

Lascar’s communications features give users the ability to collect and store data in compliance with the regulations of 21CFR Part 11. Whether using standalone USB data loggers or Cloud-based WiFi sensors, these loggers can collect, monitor and store data within the specific controls outlined by 21CFR Part 11.

Lascar EL-21CFR-2-LCD Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Data LoggerFeatures:

  • Secure, encrypted data
  • Full audit trail of activities
  • Permission-based protections
  • Authority sign-off
  • Electronic signatures
  • Robust and inexpensive
  • Can be mains- or battery-powered

Remote Data Loggers

For users seeking a remote option, Lascar’s EL-WiFi-21CFR Series provides eleven WiFi-based sensors wirelessly capturing and storing data accessible from any internet-enabled device. Compatible devices include:

  • EL-WiFi-21CFR-T Temperature sensor
  • EL-WiFi-21CFR-TH Temperature and Humidity data logger;
  • EL-WiFi-21CFR-TP External probe temperature sensor
  • EL-WiFi-21CFR-TP+-PROBE-G Vaccine Temperature sensor.

Standalone Data Loggers

Lascar software is also compatible with five standalone USB devices:

  • EL-21CFR-2-LCD for monitoring Temperature, Relative humidity and Dew point
  • EL-21-CFR-2-LCD+ Higher-accuracy version
  • EL-21CFR-TP-LCD for monitoring Temperature using an external probe
  • EL-21CFR-TP-LCD+ Higher-accuracy version
  • EL-21CFR-1-LCD for measuring Temperature with an on-board sensor.

Secure Cloud service

Lascar EasyLog 21CFR software delivers all the flexibility of a remote monitoring system but with controls enabling complete digital security and compliance:

  • Assign individual users with specific permissions
  • Full software & session data audit trails
  • Receive email alerts for failed login attempts
  • Digital signatures added to all reports
  • Add comments to specific readings

All you have to do is:

  1. Deploy your Lascar WiFi sensor
  2. Download the free FilesThruTheAir ™ software
  3. Setup a cloud account

…That’s it!

The Data Logger Experts

At CAS DataLoggers we recommend Lascar data loggers for many of our callers every day, giving them an inexpensive solution for stand-alone data recording of temperature, humidity, voltage, current and carbon monoxide. Their WiFi sensors and built-in USB interface makes connection to a PC for setup and downloading data a snap.

For more information on Lascar’s new 21-CFR Compliant Series, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit our website at