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Lascar Releases New Android App for Its WiFi Sensors

View Your Data Anytime, Anywhere on Android!

lascar-groupDo you want to measure temperature and humidity in the next office, in the next town, or even in the next country? Then Lascar’s EasyLog WiFi sensors are just what you’re looking for! Our FilesThruTheAir™Cloud makes data accessible from any Internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world. View hundreds of sensors with just a click of a button! Watch this YouTube video and see how easy it is to remotely monitor temperature and humidity using the EasyLog Cloud. CAS DataLoggers distributes Lascar dataloggers: call us today at (800) 956-4437!


FilesThetheAir Android App:

Now you can view data from Lascar WiFi Sensors on your Android Device! The new FilesThruTheAir™ app (available on Google Play) gives Android users the ability to remotely access their data. It’s easy to change the settings of any Lascar datalogger on the cloud, to instantly monitor logged temperature and humidity data, and to view alarms.

All you need is a FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud Account, at least one connected FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi Sensor, and Android 4.0+ optimized for 4-6 inch screens.



*View all your FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi Sensor readings live
*View graphs of your data, both live and historical.
*Change the device settings and alarms on all your Lascar dataloggers
*Get real-time feedback and alarms from your devices.


Lascar WiFi Sensors:

Lascar WiFi data loggers can measure temperature and humidity in many different applications. It’s just as easy to monitor an oven, a freezer, vaccine temperature, an art exhibit, or an office environment. Lascar loggers are robust, easy to use and have a battery life over 6 months to handle a variety of long and short-term monitoring tasks.

Unlike Lascar USB data loggers, the EasyLog WiFi range of temperature data loggers provides the capability to remotely monitor an environment. Data is streamed to your host PC using an existing WiFi network without anyone having to physically collect and connect the units to your PC.


The EasyLog Advantage:

Using a Lascar EL-WiFi datalogger, you can configure it to send you a stream of data at regular intervals to suit your requirements. Our range of EL-WiFi sensors will connect to any WiFi network, whether in your home or business. This means that once the sensor is set-up and configured to your WiFi network, you can leave it within range of your router and let it monitor the data from your PC rather than having to retrieve the data from the datalogger yourself.

*If you have an Enterprise network or multiple access points with the same SSID, please contact us to discuss your application before placing your order.