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Need a Device to Capture Data for Your Clients?

Need a Device to Capture DataLet Us Help You Find the Ideal Solution

Are you a:

  • Purchasing agent?
  • Systems integrator?
  • Electrical or construction contractor?
  • Facilities manager or plant supervisor?

Whether you need a device to capture data to set an alarm on temperature, to document environmental conditions, or to prove regulatory compliance, there’s a simple solution!

At CAS DataLoggers we can supply you with an automated data logger, a wireless (or wired) device which independently collects and stores data. Our solutions give you accurate data capture, easy data retrieval, and include setup software—all bundled at an affordable price.

Start sourcing the ideal monitoring solution for your own customers today— call a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437, or contact us here.

Arm Your Clients with Automatic Data Capture:

A data logger can record:

  • Environmental data such as temperature and humidity;
  • Electrical measurements including current and voltage;
  • Productivity indicators such as motor runtime;
  • Events like pulses and states;
  • And almost any measurement value you need to take.

What Do You Need to Monitor?

  • Temperature: At CAS DataLoggers, we offer a wide variety of Temperature Data Loggers to monitor and alarm the temperature of your products and environments. Whether you need to track the temperature of your perishable food products or to set an alarm on a medical storage unit storing vaccine, we have the ideal datalogger for your needs.
  • Temperature & Humidity: If you also need to record Humidity–for example in a warehouse or a museum–we have the most reliable solution on the market—T&D Wireless Data Loggers. They’re both affordable and easy to use, perfect for deployment in nearly any area.
  • Current/Voltage: If you need to record an electrical measurement value, we can supply your application with Accsense Electrocorder data loggers. These affordable devices consist of current loggers, voltage data loggers, and more. They also include accessories such as current clamps and Rogowski coils, making them a great value. We also offer devices to log other electrical data including power, harmonics, and high-speed transient signals.
  • Additional Parameters: We have data loggers to record nearly any measurement value you need. If your application also requires control capability, our line of Data Acquisition Systems automatically performs both measurements and control tasks such as activating a relay or PLC.

Why CAS DataLoggers?

At CAS DataLoggers we have the expert instrumentation and electrical engineering knowledge to help you solve your most demanding data logging and data acquisition problems. Learn more about what we can do for your application in our new video here.

Callers are typically looking for a simple device to record data, whether it’s to monitor their own industrial process, for product quality (PQ) purposes, or for inspectors such as the FDA or CDC. We guide them through our product offering which includes the best brands of data loggers available, featuring all the time-saving functions and features you need.

While it sometimes seems like we’ve seen it all, we’re still learning how to apply our world-class products to challenging new applications every day. We pride ourselves on being able to help our callers with any application, from the simplest to the most complex. We can guide you all the way from the initial pre-sales discussion, through implementation guidance, all the way to postsales support.

For more info on our wide selection of Data Loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLoggers Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or contact us here.