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Solutions for Compliance with FSMA

FDA Enforcement Began Last Month—Is Your Business Ready?

Food temperature data logger FSMAAs of last month, FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization Act) is now being enforced by the FDA, and Food & Beverage companies are scrambling to comply with its mandate that every perishable product needs continual temperature monitoring. But how can you get started?

The cold chain specialists at CAS DataLoggers can help! Just give us a call at (800) 956-4437 or request more information.

FSMA Enforcement—What Do You Need to Know?

FSMA requires Food & Beverage manufacturers, warehouses, and shippers to prove PQ and best practices via electronic documentation. Most commonly this means using a temperature monitoring system or temperature data logger to monitor the product using an internal or external sensor (usually a thermocouple).

As of October 2017, all FSMA compliance deadlines have passed, so this sweeping regulation is now being actively enforced in businesses across America.

FSMA applies to:

• Commercially-sold Food & Beverages
• Pasteurized Milk
• Produce Safety
• Animal Food
• Receiving Facilities
• and more.

These regulations are mandatory for large retail chains and small businesses alike!

If you’re a small business and price is a concern, we have several lines of affordable temperature monitoring systems offering the full range of features allowing you to prove your best practices. We have systems from trusted manufacturers which automatically log temperature data, making it easy to achieve regulatory compliance.

With just a call to one of our Application Engineers, you’ll get experienced help on which temperature monitoring devices are ideal for your individual application. We have wired and wireless systems to collect the temperature data of your product or environment, giving you proof of best practices to give to inspectors. Our Cold Chain Monitoring Data Loggers are both affordable and easy to use, making them ideal for Food & Beverage applications.

Food Preparation and Safety:

We also offer a range of Food Temperature Data Loggers for commercial kitchens and buffets.

The RTR-601 Food Core Temperature Data Logger from T&D is ideal for HACCP-compliant temperature management for food safety. Its water- and oil-proof design (IP68 rating) makes it ideal for use in food-processing environments. With just the push of a button, the device records temperature, measurement time, user, item, and upper/lower limit judgment results.

Recorded temperature data in the T&D RTR-601 can be periodically collected by the Base Unit (RTR-500NW/500AW) via wireless communication and automatically sent to a designated e-mail address or an FTP server. This makes it perfect for seamless temperature management.

The Temperature Monitoring Experts:

At CAS DataLoggers, our temperature monitoring solutions ensure that products are all stored and transported in the correct temperature conditions. We also supply secure temperature monitoring and alarm notification systems for warehouses and other product storage facilities.

From spot-checks of food core temperature to monitoring and recording temperatures at every link of the cold chain, we can help you choose the monitoring system that best fits your needs.

For more information on our wide selection of Cold Chain Monitoring Data Loggers, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or request more information.