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Need to Monitor Machine Runtime?

Runtime and Motor Data Loggers for All Applications

Machinery and electrical equipment such as 3-phase motors, compressors, and turbines are critical to process manufacturing and many other business applications. For example, compressed air is the leading source of power consumption in many facilities, so technicians need to know specifics such as pump and motor runtime during maintenance. A data logger is the ideal way to monitor this equipment and is also an excellent productivity indicator.

At CAS DataLoggers, we supply portable dataloggers which measure runtime and current consumption on a wide range of machines including compressors, motors, and generators. Our data logger models connect to a wide variety of sensors to log runtime, temperature, current/voltage, etc. to track machine conditions. To see models from several manufacturers, just visit our website at

Machine Condition and Runtime Monitoring

Monitoring operating temperature is the most common way to identify the initial signs of machine failure and also to properly maintain them against wear and damage. To do this, many data loggers have their own internal sensors to monitor runtime, machine temperature, current/voltage, vibration, etc.

At CAS DataLoggers we can provide you with varying levels of detail and channel count when it comes to runtime/event monitoring:

Low-Channel Applications

For a low-cost solution, the HOBO® UX90-004M Motor On/Off Data logger records motor on and off conditions within an AC magnetic field with its internal sensor, or mechanical contact closures from external sensing devices. This data logger is ideal for tracking the usage and runtimes of motors, pumps, compressors, and other equipment. There’s no programming required, just simple setup and configuration.

Mid-Channel Applications

If you need an inexpensive way to monitor data on multiple channels, the Accsense VersaLog P Pulse, State and Event Data logger is a 7-channel, battery-powered, stand-alone pulse/state/event data logger. The logger detects electronic or mechanical pulse counts, state changes, or events in any of the seven channels. Data is stored in non-volatile flash memory. It works with gas/water/power meters and any other digital signal/switch closure output devices. Featuring an aluminum enclosure, the VersaLog logger has excellent performance in the harshest industrial environment.

SiteView is a Windows-based software for downloading, configuration, data analyzing and plotting. Its user-friendly graphic interface and powerful functionality fit both novice and advanced users.

High-Channel Applications

For truly comprehensive condition monitoring of several centralized points, we offer the bestselling dataTaker Data Loggers. With dataTaker, users can see motor runtime duration, collect productivity data by shift, and more. With dataTaker you get detailed data in a fraction of the time of other loggers, along with the convenience of using a single system to record and transmit all the data.

Series 3 dataTaker DT80 data loggers feature universal inputs to log not only temperature but also pressure, current, voltage, and more. For instance this single system is able to monitor compressor runtime and current levels, saving users the expense of buying multiple loggers each with their own software. Data can be archived on the logger’s 10-million data point memory, while dataTaker’s rugged design and construction offer reliable low-power operation.

The dataTaker can also connect to split-core current transformers to monitor productivity on electrical equipment, or to a transducer placed on a machine’s motor lead. The dataTaker’s USB memory stick and Ethernet ports, and RS232 with modem support lets the user connect to the datalogger locally, remotely or online. Users can also send data via FTP.

FREE dEX software is included with all dataTaker loggers, which uses an integrated graphical interface. Using dEX, the user can configure the datalogger, use mimics to view real-time data, generate charts and tables, and view historical data for analysis. Users can create reports to determine productivity, to totalize runtime, etc.

If you have a large number of machines to monitor, you can easily expand the dataTaker’s channels using CEM20 Channel Expansion modules. This single solution has enough inputs to monitor every machine on the factory floor!

For more info on our Machine Monitoring Dataloggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit our website at