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New High Precision TandD Sensors with Improved Environmental Resistance

Sensors for Use in Harsh Industrial Environments

Effective July 2017, all T&D Data Loggers with high-precision temperature & humidity sensors have been updated from “-H” type to “-S” type models. T&D “S” type models come with one of the following new high-precision temperature and humidity sensors: SHA-3151 or SHB-3101, which have improved environmental resistance. This means improved accuracy when measuring in a high humidity environment or in environments with corrosive gases and/or organic solvents. These new sensors allow for consistent and accurate humidity measurement even in difficult conditions.

High-Accuracy Measurement

T&D offers new sensors for harsh industrial environments, including:

  • SHA-3151 (replaces HHA-3151)
  • SHB-3101 (replaces HHB-3101)

TandD’s new sensors have better accuracy at high humidity and better protection in environments that contain corrosive gases, organic solvents or insecticides. As a result, all of the current –H Loggers will be revised to use the new sensors and will carry the –S designation. In addition, the TandD RTR-507 Wide-Range Temperature and Humidity Data Logger will become the RTR-507S.

The body of the TandD data loggers themselves will not change, and pricing for the new sensors/versions will remain the same.

Notice of Discontinuation of -H Type Models & RTR-507

With an improvement to its high-precision temp-humidity sensors, T&D will discontinue the H Type Models and RTR-507 in addition to some current sensors as follows:

Discontinued Products:

  • Product Models: TR-72wf-H, TR-72nw-H, TR-74Ui-H, RTR-574-H, TR-76Ui-H, RTR-576-H, RTR-507
  • Sensors: HHA-3151, HHB-3101

Class 1 Division 2 Data Loggers

Explosions, fires and corrosion pose ever-present dangers to electrical instrumentation operating in heavy industrial environments. OSHA and other organizations classify work areas according to the presence of flammable materials or gases. Hazardous locations are standardized as Classes and Divisions based on their level of exposure to gases, liquids, dusts etc. which can potentially result in a fire or explosion.

Due to distance or other considerations, it’s not always practical to locate a measurement device outside of hazardous areas and trail the sensors in. At CAS DataLoggers we offer a selection of data loggers suitable for direct use in hazardous areas to collect Temperature, Humidity, Pressure or other types of data.

For data capture in Oil & Gas, Chemical, and other processing applications, we offer specially-protected data loggers from TandD and other quality manufacturers. Our Class 1, Division 2 Data Loggers are designed to record data in areas where flammable liquids, gases, etc. are processed, often where ventilating equipment isn’t functioning properly.

For added protection, we can also provide standard data logging systems housed in explosion-proof enclosures for use in hazardous areas.

For more info on TandD Data Loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437.