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Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit Gives Proof of Bedbug Elimination

Providing Exterminators with Thermal Sterilization Verification

Thermal Sterilization Verification KitBedbugs, fleas and other insects quickly thrive when left unchecked. For exterminators on the job, raising the temperature of the infested room or structure to a high enough temperature to kill all active insects and their eggs is a reliable remediation strategy. However, to be effective, it is critical to avoid overheating the room or to raise the temperature too quickly.

Now CAS DataLoggers has created a simple and effective Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit for use in the elimination of bed bugs using temperature remediation.

With this convenient kit, users are now able to provide data to their customers that the desired temperature was reached and maintained above the critical point for sufficient time to guarantee complete eradication.

For configuration and pricing, just call an Application Engineer at (800) 956-4437 or request more information.

T&D TR-75nw Wired LAN Temperature Data LoggerWireless Kit Includes:

• 6 Wireless Temperature Data Loggers
• 10′ Probe for Mattresses, Cabinets etc.
• Real-time Monitoring and Recording
• Suitable for Thermal Sterilization up to 175° F
• Expandable – Can add up to 80 Data Loggers
• Up to 500′ Wireless Range
• Handheld Data Collector
• Windows Graphing Software
• Portable Carrying Case
• Optional USB Wireless Base Station

Wireless Temperature Management:

The Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit collects temperature data using wireless temperature data loggers from T&D. Together with a hand-held data collector, you can monitor the temperature in the structure to ensure that the required temperature is reached and held for the time duration required to fully eliminate infestations.

The T&D temperature data loggers are small enough to be deployed throughout the affected area. Using the external sensors, the temperature is automatically measured and recorded throughout the rooms, including under mattresses and furniture cushions.

After the extermination process is over, the temperature record of the remediation gives the service provider and the customer peace of mind that the proper temperature profile was achieved.

T&D TR-72nw Wired LAN Temperature and Humidity Data LoggerSee for yourself–our new video details how our kit is ideal for temperature management and validation.

T&D for Temperature Validation:

Suitable for thermal sterilization work up to 175°F, including bedbug extermination, our kit includes 6 T&D Wireless Temperature Data Loggers and a 10-ft probe to monitor the temperature in narrow spaces such as between mattresses, inside walls or under carpets. Included in the kit are 3 data loggers equipped with internal temperature sensors with a measuring range of -40°C to 80°C, and 3 loggers with external sensors measuring -60°C to 155°C. A large 16,000-point memory stores data for quality control.

Data Download and Analysis:

These temperature loggers, along with their Handheld Data Collector, allow the user to monitor and record temperature/humidity from a 500-ft range and in real-time. The optional USB Wireless Base Station interfaces with PCs for remote monitoring. Data can then be downloaded, graphed with Windows software, and printed out to provide a hard copy report. Extend the wireless data logger range by simply registering the base station as a Repeater to relay communication with remote units.

Additionally, temperature alarms can be set to warn the user if the room’s temperature exceeds a preset minimum or maximum value, issuing warnings onscreen and through emails and text messaging.

The Data Logger Experts:

To learn more about the CAS Thermal Remediation Kit, or to find a solution for your individual application, contact us at (800) 956-4437 or request more information. We will be happy to discuss the specifications of the system and outline options to meet your specific remediation protocol.