Oven Temperature Logger Can Improve Performance Qualification and Save Energy Costs

Grant OQ610 Data Logger Collects Data for Temperature Profiles

Grant OMK610 Oven Temperature Profiling Kit & AccessoriesDo you need to monitor oven temperature for a conveyor oven, for a furnace kiln, or for a similar application? CAS DataLoggers offers the Grant OQ610 Portable Temperature Data Logger. After collecting data, users can create highly-accurate temperature profiles leading to improved PQ and energy savings over the long-term. Ideal for baking and heat treatment applications alike, Grant’s Oven Temperature Logger provides standalone operation and profiling software at a cost-effective price. Give a CAS DataLoggers Application Engineer a call at (800) 956-4437 to learn more!


Temperature Profiles Increase Performance Qualification

The Grant OQ610 Portable Temperature Data logger is specifically designed for use in heat treatment applications. As the data logger and its thermal barrier passes through your process along with your products, it records a highly-accurate temperature profile detailing the ‘hot and cold’ zones inside each oven or kiln.


With the battery-operated data logger, users can also printout reports for compliance, traceability and complete quality control. This is excellent proof to vendors that your products have passed through the process at the right temperature for the right amount of time.

The Grant data logger has 6 channels for connection with a broad range of Type T and Type K thermocouple probes, capturing data at speeds as high as 8 samples a second. The data logger also reports and stores the time and date onto its non-volatile memory, storing up to 260,000 secure readings. Users navigate menus on the integrated display using the convenient 3-button design. For setup and data download, the logger’s USB interface communicates with a PC.


Custom Thermal Barrier

Grant OMK610 Oven Temperature Profiling Kit

Grant’s Custom-enhanced Thermal Barrier allows the data logger to enter the oven along with your products. This all-stainless steel enclosure gives the oven logger solid protection for years of operation. The barrier insulates the data logger, safeguarding it against temperatures up to 250°C (482°F) for as long as 50 minutes. If you require longer operation, a unique phase change heat sink insert can be added to the barrier to extend its operation at 250°C to a full 100 minutes.


Temperature Profiling Kit

At CAS DataLoggers we also offer Grant’s Oven Temperature Profiling Kit which includes the data logger, a carrying case, and your choice of fast-response probes in clip-on, magnetic and combination types to capture both surface and air temperature measurements.


Temperature Profiling Software Included

The data logger includes FREE SquirrelView software for setup and configuration. Its intuitive, spreadsheet-style interface allows quick setup, speedy download of data and direct export to Excel™. SquirrelView Plus gives additional benefits such as graphical data analyses and advanced reporting options.