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Smart Data Acquisition Systems Auto-Send Alarm Messages

Delphin Systems Offer Alarm Management and Audit Trails

Delphin Expert Transient High Speed Data Acquisition and Control SystemToday’s increasingly-interconnected systems (AKA the Internet of Things) offer businesses and organizations powerful capabilities. Chief among these is the ability to automatically send alarm messages whenever your preset values are exceeded. When factory, plant and lab equipment malfunctions or registers an alarm event, automated messaging can give users the time to take action before a costly process delay or shutdown occurs.

Delphin Alarm Manager:

In the event of process disruptions and alarms, users must be notified as fast as possible so they can take countermeasures and minimize additional costs, e.g. against production downtime and other losses of time and profit.

German manufacturer Delphin’s AlarmManagement software feature enables reliable direct monitoring of alarms for both digital and analog signals, portrays them in a software visualization, and issues notifications by email, text messaging, or fax.

The AlarmManagement option in ProfiSignal software provides all these functions:

  • Monitoring of limit values, including time delays and the creation of batched alarms
  • Monitoring of status information
  • Monitoring of device connections
  • Monitoring of recorded measurements
  • Auto-sending of emails or faxes in the event of alarms. Delphin can also send text messages via an email/text messaging gateway
  • Management of sirens and warning lamps
  • Grouping of alarms according to classes
  • Alarm prioritization
  • Confirmation of alarms with authentication and reasons

Delphin Audit Trail:

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, data integrity, tamper-proof documentation and transparency are especially important. Therefore, user-input and system/parameter modifications (such as a change of settings for room temperature monitoring) must all be traceable and recorded in a manipulation-proof way.

Not only do businesses and labs need to document each settings change, but also to record who made the change. With this need in mind, Delphin ProfiSignal software supports an audit trail option which securely archives such data and also requires user-authentication for specific operations.

With Delphin, all audit trail notifications are saved together with alarms from AlarmManagement in a binary, manipulation-proof database. ProfiSignal’s audit trail option also enables validation according to FDA rules for 21CFR11 compliance.

Complete Data Acquisition System:

Delphin data acquisition systems include the powerful ProfiSignal software for in-depth trend analysis. ProfiSignal is a complete software system for data acquisition, analysis, visualization, and automation. The software is very user-friendly and combines professional functionality with easy operation.

With Delphin there are no restrictions on the number of processes users can simultaneously monitor and control, nor on the type of test or lab processes.

ProfiSignal works on a wide variety of hardware and is designed for many tasks including:

  • Analysis of Measurement data
  • Operation / Observation
  • Reports / Protocols
  • Automation
  • Parameter / Recipe Input

For more information on Delphin Data Acquisition Systems, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437.