Statement in Regards: University Hospitals Fertility Litigation by CAS DataLoggers

Due to recent news accounts on this subject and being mindful of the patients and families affected by the event at issue, the following statement is made:

We were made aware by news accounts that our company has been named as a party in a limited number of lawsuits. We have not yet been served with those lawsuits.

We have thousands of satisfied temperature monitoring customers worldwide. We hear from customers who have been alerted to freezer and refrigerator failures by these monitoring systems which have prevented damage or loss to the contents stored within. To benefit from the protection that these systems provide, the alerts must be properly configured and enabled. The contracts with our customers provide that the responsibility for making sure the alerts are enabled is with the customer.

There was no failure with the system at issue in regard to this event.

We would also direct attention to the public statements which University Hospitals has made in regard to this incident.

Due to the fact that these cases will be heard in courts of law in which a court order has been issued as to public extrajudicial statements, we refer all further inquiries to our legal counsel:

Terry Gravens & Dennis Pilawa at the law firm of Rawlin Gravens & Pilawa Co. L.P.A. (216-579-1602)