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TandD Increases Security with New Firmware

Improved Wireless Security for WPA2 Protected Devices 

You may have read about the recently discovered Key Reinstallation AttaCKs (KRACKs) vulnerability which enables hacking attacks via Wi-Fi for virtually all WPA2-protected Wi-Fi connected devices.

In response, TandD (T&D) Corporation has released a firmware update for its wireless TR-7wf, RTR-500AW and TR-700AW units which addresses this vulnerability. Updates for the RTR-500W can only be made on units with serial numbers that end in 1000 or greater.  Earlier units are not upgradable due to hardware restrictions.

Firmware updates for these products can be downloaded from T&D’s website here.

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About the WPA2 Vulnerability (aka KRACKs):

Lately it’s been reported that a newly-discovered vulnerability known as ‘KRACKs (Key Reinstallation AttaCKs)’ affects the ubiquitous WPA2 wireless security protocol. The effects on T&D products and their subsequent security measures are described below.

Affected Products:

TandD Increases Security with New Firmware* TR-71wf/72wf wireless data loggers (including -H and -S types)
* TR-75wf wireless LAN temperature data loggers.
* RTR-500AW wireless ethernet network base station.
* TR-701AW/702AW (including -H type)

Potential Impact:

The biggest risk is potential loss or falsification of data, such as measurement data sent by the affected products. Fortunately, with this vulnerability, there is no concern about the risk of someone stealing your wireless LAN password or illegally accessing the internal network.
Important Notes:

  1. The T&D firmware (a core part of the device) cannot be rewritten through unauthorized access.
  2. Even if the data destination setting is changed by an attack and it causes the affected product(s) to send data to an incorrect IP address in the internal network, the transmission interval will remain within the setting range–therefore attacks such as a Denial of Service (DoS) cannot occur.

Useful Links:

For more details about this security vulnerability:
Main Info Page:
CERT/CC [Vulnerability Note VU#228519]:

T&D for Wireless Data Collection:

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