Are You Relying on Text Messages for Your Alarms?

text messageThere is no question that e-mail is of vital importance to our personal and business lives. The challenge of blocking spam, junk, and spoofed e-mail is a constantly moving target as the offenders try to keep their pathways open. A number of our customers utilize their cell carriers’ e-mail to SMS text message gateways to receive text message alerts from their monitoring systems. The cellular carriers are active in how they provide protections on their e-mail servers to prevent spam, junk, and spoofed e-mails from ending up as junk text messages on your phones. This represents a challenge to the data logger/monitoring manufacturers. Keeping up with the pace at which the carriers change and block sending e-mail addresses presents a formidable challenge.

CAS Dataloggers recommends that you test your monitoring alarms that utilize cellular carrier’s e-mail to SMS text message gateways frequently to ensure that you receive vital alerts when a measurement excursion occurs. We also recommended that you use standard e-mail recipients to receive alerts so that you will not miss any such notifications.