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Track Temperatures from your Tablet with dEX Remote App

Intelligent Temperature Recorder Auto-Sends Alarm Messages

Do you need temperature monitoring and alarms for:

Your business’s Food & Beverage products?
An Industrial process?
Machine or Equipment Monitoring?

As a remote temperature monitoring solution, CAS DataLoggers offers dataTaker Data Loggers which support a free Tablet App for iOS and Android! Series 3 dataTaker loggers can log data from almost any sensor, so you can simultaneously log Temperature and other values such as Current/Voltage, Digital, and more.

dEX Tablet App


  • Full configuration and data retrieval functions from your tablet device!
  • Setup and display your data from anywhere!
  • Manage several data loggers at once, with quick access to data!
  • Multilingual support in 8 languages!

Using the dEX Apps for iPad and Tablet Products, dataTaker users can remotely visualize and monitor data, improving process control and helping prevent product loss.

The dEX Tablet App for Android and iPad platforms provides convenient access to dataTaker DT8X range loggers even while you’re on the go. The dEX App gives you a fully-featured version of dataTaker’s dEX web-based software but can be used remotely from your tablet!

What Can dataTaker do For Your Business?

With the app available on Google Play and the App Store, it’s easier than ever to remotely manage your logger configurations and monitor your data, either via your corporate network or directly via the DT80M Modem Logger.

dataTaker temperature monitoring systems feature universal input channels for use with a wide range of analog sensors so you can record Temperature, Voltage/Current, 4-20mA Loops, Resistance, Bridges, Strain Gauges, Frequency, Digital, Serial and more—all on one system using one software.

Additionally, dataTaker’s intelligent automation means that when your product’s temperature suddenly rises or your process goes outside operating parameters, you’ll get an instant heads-up.

Flexible Communication & Data Storage

Our dataTaker systems sport versatile communications including RS232 with modem support along with Ethernet and USB memory stick ports. You can also use FTP to push data to your office PC over the internet or mobile phone network. You can also choose to store data onto the logger’s large internal memory (10 million data points) for extended logging.

User-Friendly Software

The included dataTaker dEX software is easy to learn and enables quick creation of logging schedules to automate your process. Its Windows Explorer-style interface is simple to navigate and configure, getting you started on your project ASAP. Using dEX it’s easy to set your data logging schedules for each sensor, view your process data in real-time mimics, and download data.

For more information on the dataTaker DT80, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437.