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Upgrade Your Grant Squirrel Data Logger

Trade In Older Loggers for New Models with Large Graphical Displays

Grant SQ2020 Series Portable Universal Input Data LoggerDistributor CAS DataLoggers now offers Grant Squirrel owners a new discount to upgrade to an improved new model! Now you can trade in your older Squirrel series data logger for the latest version which features a fully-configurable large graphical LCD display and updated design.

Grant’s handheld data loggers offer an out-of-the-box solution for a wide range of data logging applications. With the addition of this large new LCD screen, users can access the Squirrel’s core functionality without the need for a PC connection. This makes data logging in the field much simpler and more convenient!

Just email CAS DataLoggers at or call us at (800) 956-4437 with your Grant logger’s Serial Number to start saving!

Upgrade to Large Graphical LCD Display

The Grant Squirrel SQ2020/2040 series now includes an intuitive and easy-to-read graphical 128*97-dot LCD screen with clear and simple navigation, fully configurable via the integrated 4-button keypad. The screen size has been expanded from previous versions for greater information accessibility, replacing older alphanumeric displays.

Being able to see real-time data graphically plotted onscreen gives users peace of mind that their sensors are correctly connected and fully operational–great for extended recording periods!

Eligible Serial Numbers Include

  • SQ2020 1F8 – KS1112002 or earlier
  • SQ2020 2F8 – KS1117025 or earlier
  • SQ2020 2F8 WIFI – KS1116006 or earlier
  • SQ2040 2F16 – KV1113014 or earlier
  • SQ2040 2F16 WIFI – KV1116011 or earlier
  • SQ2040 4F16 – KV1116010 or earlier


Log it All with Grant Squirrel!

Grant’s standalone SQ2020/2040 portable data loggers are designed for mobile data logging applications where portability and stand-alone operation are a must. This makes them popular in environmental projects, industrial process monitoring, food manufacturing, research, and more.

Well-known for their lightweight yet robust construction and reliability, the latest generation of Squirrel dataloggers feature 24-bit ADCs for incredibly precise measurements. These highly flexible, multi-purpose loggers have 8 differential (16 single-ended) analog input channels for measuring Current, Voltage, Resistance and Temperature data, and 8 Event inputs.

For added convenience, these loggers can now be configured without needing to connect to a PC or laptop. It’s easy to view logger status, setup and real-time graphical data in meter mode, all within minutes of powering on!

Convenient Data Collection and Transfer

The Squirrel 2020/2040 series’ large onboard memory can store up to 1.8 million readings and also retain up to 6 separate logger configurations. Logger memory can easily be extended by using removable MMC/SD cards. The logger is powered from internal cells or an external power supply connection.

The onboard RS232 communications features can be connected to a PSTN or GSM modem. SquirrelView setup and download software for a PC is provided FREE with the system to enable users to export stored data to their chosen PC-based application.