How To Set Up an SDI-12 Weather Station with a Data Logger

Featuring the Vaisala WXT520 Weather Transmitter

Collecting meteorological data from weather stations is one of the most popular applications of the dataTaker DT82E environmental data loggers. In our latest video “How to Set Up an SDI-12 Weather Station with a data logger” we show how easy it is to wire and program one of these loggers to record data from a Vaisala WXT520 weather transmitter.

The SDI-12 interface provides an industry standard protocol for capturing data from environmental sensors like weather stations and water quality sondes. Unlike other data loggers on the market, dataTaker loggers provide a simple graphical web-based interface to configure the measurements for SDI-12 devices. In addition, live and historical data can be easily displayed using dashboards and trend charts served by the data logger.

In the video, sales manager Pete Martin walks through the wiring and programming necessary to read the Vaisala weather transmitter and display temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure and precipitation data using the dataTaker DT82E environmental data logger. The DT82E is a standalone, low power instrument designed specifically to meet the needs of environmental and agricultural applications.

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