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VersaLog Products Log Data on 8 Channels

Affordable Data Loggers with Alarm Capability

VersaLog TC Temperature Data LoggerIf you need to record data on several channels but don’t want to pay extra for features you don’t need, CAS DataLoggers offers its affordable Accsense VersaLog dataloggers which log on 7-8 channels each. These low-cost solutions are perfect for datalogging applications which also require a local alarm notification. Our standalone recorders can log Temperature, Humidity, Current/Voltage and more. Accsense VersaLog is well-suited to many different uses including life science and food/beverage temperature monitoring. Give CAS DataLoggers a call today at (800) 956-4437 and save!

Accsense VersaLog:

Accsense VersaLog is a low-cost replacement for data acquisition devices and paper chart recorders. Each logger’s USB, Serial port and Ethernet connections make it easy to download data. Two configurable alarm thresholds are available per channel. If you need remote access over a network, our optional USB device server allows you to connect multiple VersaLog loggers via a single Ethernet port.

Featuring a rugged aluminum enclosure, Accsense VersaLog products offer excellent performance in the harshest industrial environment. For extended standalone operation, an internal battery is standard with each logger with a life of about 10 years.

These data loggers record information and save measurements onto a non-volatile 4MB flash memory. Users can configure the VersaLog’s 2 programmable alarm outputs with low or high limits to activate a relay, switch on a light or audible alarm, or signal a PLC.


Need to Monitor Temperature?

  • The VersaLog TC is an 8-channel thermocouple data logger which can connect with all thermocouple types. The TC records the ambient temperature and up to 7 external thermocouple probes. Compact and lightweight for simple deployment, the VersaLog TC can also be used as a small voltage data logger with the input voltage range as small as -2 mV to +18 mV.
  • The VersaLog TH is an 8-channel thermistor data logger. It accepts nearly any kind of thermistors that have a resistance value above 10K at 25°C.

Each model’s 16-bit analog-to-digital (ADC) converter meets most high-resolution requirements, whether monitoring temperature in medical refrigerators and freezers or for use in the lab monitoring processes and liquids. Users can choose to sample from every 20 milliseconds to every 12 hours. The onboard LED lights red when in alarm condition, and the logger also reports its alarm status to a host PC via USB, modem or Ethernet device server.


Need to Monitor Current/Voltage?

  • The VersaLog DCV-2 is an 8-channel voltage data logger. Input voltage signals can be from sensors, transducers, transmitters, or any other common voltage source.
  • The VersaLog DCC-HR is an 8-channel current DC data logger. Input current signals can be from the above sources.
  • The VersaLog DCVC-HR is an 8-channel voltage/current DC data logger. Input current signals can be from the above sources.


Need to Monitor Something Else?


  • The VersaLog P is a 7-channel pulse/state/event data logger. The logger detects electronic or mechanical pulse counts, state changes, or events in any of the seven channels. It works with gas/water/power meters, rain gauges, flow rate meters, and any other digital signal/switch closure output devices.


  • The VersaLog BR is a single-channel strain gauge bridge data logger. It supports 4/6 wheatstone bridges by providing voltage excitation, excitation voltage compensation and low level signal amplification. The VersaLog BR features a measurement input voltage range of -8 mV to +8 mV to accommodate most common bridges with a sensitivity of up to 3 mV/V.


Configuration & Graphing Software:

Accsense VersaLog products utilize SiteView software to configure the data loggers, retrieve stored data, graph the measurements and save/export the data. SiteView is compatible with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8. The software also has an intuitive graphic interface and supports USB, serial port and Ethernet connections. Users can view real-time data from any connected logger.