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Vibration Monitoring and Control in a Single System

Delphin Expert Vibro for Data Acquisition and Test Stand Automation

Do you need to monitor vibration or to automate a test stand? Does your existing system need to be replaced? The Delphin Expert Vibro Data Acquisition and Control System offers much more than its competitor models while also having a wider range of applications. This flexible and versatile system is popular with Engineers and technicians around the world as a way to save costs and avoid troublesome interface problems.

expertvibro_sm-1The Expert Vibro—What is It?

The Expert Vibro from German manufacturer Delphin Technology is an ideal device for acquiring transient signals and vibrations. This new system is widely used as a vibration measurement device for rotating machinery, but in contrast to many standard vibration measurement devices, the Expert Vibro can also be used as part of a monitoring solution or for test stand automation.

The Expert Vibro provides users with analysis and monitoring functions, intelligent signal processing, an independent data storage capability and versatile fieldbus connections – all in a single device! The latest processor technology, based on powerful FPGAs, enables up to 16 synchronous channels to be processed at high sampling rates while requiring minimal space. The 24-Bit A/D converters ensure high precision.

With the Expert Vibro device, Delphin has successfully combined the processing of complex functions with high levels of flexibility in a user-friendly system. Vibration measurement systems can now be used where they had previously been considered too costly. The Expert Vibro is equipped with a high-powered, dual-core FPGA processor based on ARM technology giving users ample reserves of processing power.

Users are able to switch between voltage measurement, IEPE or shaft vibration sensors. Integrated comparators and digital inputs allow flexible triggering. Measurement data is monitored ‘on the fly’ with digital outputs being switched within msecs in the event of limit value violations.

Vibration Measurement—Compact, Intelligent, and Fast!

Other systems usually require multiple equipment, but the Expert Vibro combines the requirements and functioning of modern vibration measurement systems into a single compact device. Vibration measurement is made easy, while system installation and familiarization are short so that users can quickly begin processing their data.

The Expert Vibro is a modular system for signal processing with a range of preprocessing functions. Filters can be selected to make up a preprocessing sequence, and multiple preprocessing sequences are able to run in parallel in order to evaluate an input signal. This gives users an especially high level of flexibility.

Non-periodic signals, such as in fault diagnostics, can be analyzed precisely using Expert Vibro. In continuous sampling mode, even the smallest of irregularities are recorded. The Expert Vibro measures, monitors and records fully independently. The system is also equipped with its own internal data storage capability, making it especially reliable and secure.

Monitoring of Hydroelectric Turbines and Generators

More than 100 Expert Vibro devices are being used for this purpose around the world. Users include operators of hydro-electric plants located on rivers, dams and tidal power stations.

The Expert Vibro is ideal for:

  • Power plant operators, manufacturers of hydro power plants, and service providers in the hydropower sector.
  • Engineers responsible for measuring vibrations.
  • The Expert Vibro is unique–it combines shaft and bearing vibration measurement with air-gap monitoring and simultaneous online analysis.

Long-Term Testing of Roller Bearings

Vibrations deliver information on the condition of bearings, shafts and machinery, generally having a major effect on levels of quality in production processes. They should therefore be continuously acquired, intelligently evaluated and condensed into meaningful data for monitoring. In the event of critical situations, machinery needs to be shut down within milliseconds. Increasingly, users are discovering the flexible options offered by the Expert Vibro for monitoring bearings during testing. For manufacturers of roller bearings, the Expert Vibro in combination with ProfiSignal software performs all monitoring and analysis needs.

This software is ideal for:

  • Manufacturers of bearing lagers and university mechanical engineering departments involved in the testing of roller bearings.
  • Heads of testing, laboratory technicians, or heads of an institute.
  • The Expert Vibro is unique for such an application due to its extended automation options while also able to acquire standard measurement data such as temperatures, pressures, etc.

For more information on the Delphin Expert Vibro Data Acquisition and Control System, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit our website at