Wireless Cellular Solutions Send Data Remotely


Save Gas—Use a Modem Data Logger!

Need to record and collect data from a remote location? At CAS DataLoggers we can supply your remote monitoring application with a wireless cellular data logger featuring integrated cellular modems. This allows for remote alarming and automatic data upload from any location where cellular service is available.

Forget about having to travel out to the area to get your data! Our data loggers can schedule all data to be automatically emailed to your inbox every day, week, month, or any other time period. Find more details on our Wireless Cellular Data Loggers page.

Wireless Cellular Data Loggers for All Applications:


Wireless Cellular Data Logger

The versatile dataTaker M (modem) series are universal data loggers with built-in cellular modems for automatic data transfer and alarm notification.

The new Series 4 versions have increased sampling speed, measurement range, and programmable analog output.

The dataTaker DT80M intelligent data logger is a full-featured measurement system with a built-in modem, perfect for remote monitoring and control applications. The DT80M’s integrated 3G cellular modem allows users remote access and automated data transfers via email or FTP. Meanwhile, the rugged design and wide operating temperature range of the DT80M provides reliable operation even in hazardous environments.

The DT80M’s perfect balance of performance with low-power operation also allows you to use a smaller solar panel without compromising on functionality.

Geotechnical Applications:

The DT85GM Intelligent Vibrating Wire Data Logger is a monitoring system designed for geotechnical applications, with an integrated 3G cellular modem for networkability and automated data transfer.

The DT85GM supports vibrating wire and other geotechnical sensors including Slope Indicator, RST Instruments, Geokon, Soil Instruments, Roctest, and AGI – Applied Geomechanics Inc. The DT85GM is also capable of testing sensor integrity through audible frequency.

Built-in Software:

Datataker’s FREE dEX configuration software is built into every dataTaker datalogger, so there are no applications to install. The integral modems in the dataTaker M series are preconfigured for a simple setup to allow users to reconfigure the system via the Internet.

RTU Solutions by Infinite:

Wireless Cellular Data LoggerInfinite iLOGPlus RTU Data Loggers are Internet-enabled devices designed for remote data acquisition, distributed telemetry, and remote control. These units act as master devices to automatically send your alerts and data files via FTP, email, and SMS.

All units carry a built-in TCP/IP web server with live web pages that can be accessed by any Internet browser application. They accept and serve TCP and SMS commands for interactive operation in a SCADA system.

For more info on Wireless Cellular Data Loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or request more information.