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Wireless Modbus Gateway Sends Data to the Cloud!

Novus AirGate for Remote Telemetry Applications

Novus AirGate Modbus GatewayCAS DataLoggers and Novus Automation offer the flexible wireless Modbus solution-the Novus AirGate Modbus Gateway, a gateway designed for remote access to a Modbus network while sending alarm and status notifications by SMS messages. The device also features two onboard analog or digital inputs for cost-effective telemetry applications. CAS DataLoggers offers the quadband AirGate-GPRS at a price much lower than competitors—with its modular design, you pay only for what you need! Call us today at (800) 956-4437!

Remote Monitoring:

The Novus AirGate Modbus Gateway features two inputs configurable either as analog (4-20 mA or 0-10 V) or digital, and also includes an antenna with magnetic base and 3m cable with an option for a cable-less antenna. The gateway’s ABS enclosure is rated at IP40 protection and can be mounted to a DIN rail. Users also receive FREE configuration software.

Wireless Modbus Gateway:

When configured with a data plan SIM card, access to the Novus Cloud Gateway server is available through the GSM/GPRS network enabling remote access to Modbus slaves.

The two local and configurable RS 485 interfaces provide a connection to remote Modbus devices through the cloud gateway. A remote master communicates using Modbus TCP through the Internet, reaching the AirGate through its GPRS connection to the cloud. A second master can be locally connected to a SCADA system using the USB port. Using a 10 to 35 Vdc power supply, the AirGate GPRS is also capable of standalone operation, no battery required!

Automatically Pushes Data A Mile Away!

The Novus Cloud Gateway provides a new way to store, analyze and export historic data from remote or local processes, up to a mile away! Using star topology, one or more AirGates are Modbus Masters, so if communication degrades between a Slave or Master, the Novus system re-meshes to transmit the data where it needs to go.

Users can connect this device to a temperature or pressure transmitter to send data and read values/channels remotely over the cloud. The USB port allows PC connection as a virtual COM port–for example for PLC connection.

Quad-band GSM Compatibility:

The data logger connects to a cloud-based gateway through its GSM/GPRS interface, enabling remote access to Modbus slaves connected to local interfaces. Low and high alarms and communication errors can generate alerts that will be sent by e-mail or SMS to a user-defined mobile phone number.

Novus FieldLogger for DAQ and SCADA:

The AirGate can take care of your wireless needs by itself or it can be paired with the Novus FieldLogger to expand its channels and for SCADA applications. The FieldLogger is a versatile, powerful and cost effective industrial data logger which handles analog and digital signals with high resolution and speed, offering expansion modules and wireless communication accessories.