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New Wired Temperature Monitoring Kit for Ultra-Low Freezers

Accsense Monitoring Helps Protect Your Products Do you need a reliable way to monitor low temperatures in Ultra-Low Freezers and Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) tanks? Now Accsense Monitoring offers an easy-to-use solution. The new Accsense Ultra-Low Temperature Monitoring Starter Kit includes everything you need to begin monitoring temperature, right out of the box! With Accsense you … Continued

Wireless RTU Packages Control & Communications Capabilities

Innovative Full-Featured Monitoring Solution from Infinite Do you need a full-featured remote monitoring device for environmental or industrial measurement? CAS DataLoggers introduces the Infinite BSC-50E, an ultra-low power, wireless RTU with extensive data logging and alarming capabilities. Equipped with a built-in GSM/GPRS modem and featuring extensive control and communications capabilities, this RTU device is ideal … Continued

New WiFi Refrigerator Freezer Monitoring Kit from Accsense

Complete Kit for Monitoring Fridge and Freezer Temperatures Do you need a device to monitor the temperature of your perishable products stored in Refrigerators and Freezers? Now Accsense has a wireless kit with everything you need to begin monitoring temperature, right out of the box! This turnkey solution is ideal for hospitals, clinics, warehouses, restaurants … Continued

New LAN-Wired Temperature Monitoring Kit from Accsense

Monitor Temperature in Refrigerators or Freezers with Alarm Capability Do you need an easy way to monitor product temperature in Refrigerators, Freezers and Walk-in Coolers? CAS DataLoggers has an affordable and reliable solution. The Accsense Refrigerator/Freezer Monitoring Starter Kit includes everything you need to begin monitoring temperature, right out of the box! Forget about having … Continued

Expert Logger Devices Simplify Vehicle Test Applications

Delphin Adds CANbus Interfaces and J1939 Protocol as Standard To ensure effective automotive testing, vehicle component connectivity needs to include CAN bus systems. Whether working on mobile measurement tasks or in stationary testing at stands, users require data not only from standard sensors placed on the test samples, but also data being processed in controller … Continued

Compact Device Captures Vehicle Data in Real-Time

Rebel CT from Influx Logs Temperature, Speed and More Need to record vehicular data for an automotive application? Influx Technology offers a vehicle data collection solution to capture data from several sources, without any user interaction, for extended periods. Rebel CT vehicle data loggers are all-in-one solutions which record vehicle network and sensor data in … Continued

Temperature Data Sent to Your Mobile Device via Bluetooth!

New Wireless Solutions T&D partnered with CAS DataLoggers has just released the next generation of temperature recorders—the new T&D TR4 Series of Bluetooth Data Loggers! It’s never been this easy to keep tabs on your critical data! TR4 series dataloggers save you time by automatically collecting temperature data and transmitting it directly to your iOS/Android … Continued

Delphin WWAN Module Pushes Data Via FTP

New Module Available for Delphin Expert Devices Delphin’s new WWAN module (UMTS/LTE) gives Delphin Expert devices (excepting only Expert Key devices) new communications capabilities. Now you can push data via FTP, portray measurements online, remotely configure the device, and more. Features: • Portrayal of online values via UMTS/LTE/internet • Readout of data memories via UMTS/LTE/internet … Continued

Manage Your Hospital’s Data Digitally with Paperless Recorders

Brainchild Monitors Storage Unit Temperature and More! Increasingly the CDC, the Joint Commission, and other healthcare authorities are placing more stringent guidelines on vaccine storage and temperature monitoring. As a result, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies are turning to paperless chart recorders as an easy way to manage their product temperature data. Brainchild Digital Chart Recorders … Continued

Smart Data Acquisition Systems Auto-Send Alarm Messages

Delphin Systems Offer Alarm Management and Audit Trails Today’s increasingly-interconnected systems (AKA the Internet of Things) offer businesses and organizations powerful capabilities. Chief among these is the ability to automatically send alarm messages whenever your preset values are exceeded. When factory, plant and lab equipment malfunctions or registers an alarm event, automated messaging can give … Continued