Portable Gas Data Loggers

OdaLog portable gas data loggers can help you monitor and analyze dangerous gas emissions in your wastewater treatment plant by monitoring hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other gas emissions in sewage pumping stations, receiving manholes, and inside sewer collection lines.

Important reasons to monitor H2S include:

  • Health and safety issues
  • Public nuisance complaints
  • Infrastructure damage

OdaLog data loggers now feature Bluetooth-enabled communications and updated sensor technology with enhanced lifetime and stability. The OdaLog range of accessories, including 4-20mA adapters and dry docks, is designed to accompany OdaLog loggers and provide you with a complete solution for your hydrogen sulfide monitoring needs.


OdaStat is a free, downloadable Windows software package for use with all OdaLog systems to configure the data logger, retrieve and display stored data. It supports both IrDA and Bluetooth communications for connection to the logger and can open previously downloaded data files. It provides graphs with analysis functions, data tables and also allows measured data to be easily exported as text files for use with other applications.

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