Infinite ADS-260

  • 1 Discrete input for digital/counter or analog signals
  • Up to 8 SDI-12 channels for multiple sensors
  • Up to 8 MODBUS RS-485 channels for multiple sensors
  • Works on SIGFOX IoT network
  • Up to 140 message/day
  • Battery-powered



The ADS-260 is a battery-powered Sigfox end node for collecting and transmitting data from analog and SDI-12 or Modbus serial sensors. It offers 1 input which can be configured for 0-1 volt analog, digital or counter signals plus up to 8 SDI-12 or Modbus channels plus sensor excitation. The ADS-260 wireless sensor platform provides a smart end node that sends data via the Sigfox Network. It offers reliable communication and outdoor enclosures to satisfy a variety of needs in agriculture, environmental and weather monitoring, oil/gas and industrial applications. Sigfox, which uses Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) radio technology operating in the license-free ISM radio bands, has the advantage of covering larger areas than other fixed local systems.

ADS-260 is compliant to the SDI-12 Standard Version 1.2 and supports extended commands for sensor configuration, in terminal mode. ADS-260 can collect data from several SDI-12 sensors for a total amount of 8 measurement channels. ADS-260 supports acquisition from sensors with RS-485 interface, using the popular MODBUS protocol (RTU & ASCII). Up to 8 measurement channels from several sensors are supported. The unit provides multiple excitation options for measuring transducers.

Applications Include:

  • Agricultural monitoring
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Water/wastewater
  • Oil & Gas
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Weather monitoring

We also carry the ADS-261 wireless end node for collecting and transmitting data from bridge strain gauge sensors.


Discrete Inputs  1 Configurable for 0-30V digital input, digital counter up to 1 kHz or 0-1V analog input
SDI-12 Bus Up to 8 Channels, multi-sensor support
MODBUS RS-485 Up to 8 Channels, multi-sensor support
Sensor Excitation 12VDC/250mA, 5 VDC/200mA
Power supply 3.6V, 13-18 Ah Lithium Thionyl battery, D-size
Antenna External (optional internal uSplatch)
Data memory 16kB EEPROM
Messaging Uplink – Up to 140 messages/Day
Serial port USB, 9600 to 115200 bps
Temperature -40°C … 65°C, operating
Dimensions 79.5 x 125 x 61 mm (with cable gland)
Protection IP66
Weight 0.3 kg


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