Infinite ADS-261

  • 1 Bridge strain gauge input with instrumentation amplifier and excitation
  • 1 Digital/counter input
  • Works on SIGFOX IoT network
  • Up to 140 message/day
  • Battery-powered



The ADS-261 is a battery-powered end node for collecting and transmitting data from bridge strain gauge sensors. It offers a high accuracy bridge instrumentation amplifier input, 1 digital input configurable as a pulse counter input, and multiple excitation options with voltage calibration for powering transducers. The bridge amplifier offers low Input Offset Voltage and low Input Voltage Noise with several gain options are available to meet specific custom applications. The ADS-261 wireless sensor platform provides a smart end node that sends data via the Sigfox network. It offers reliable communication and outdoor enclosures to satisfy a variety of measurement and monitoring applications. SIGFOX, which uses Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) radio technology operating in the license-free ISM radio bands, has the advantage of covering larger areas than other fixed local systems. The D-size Lithium Thionyl battery can provide autonomous operation for over 10 years.

Applications Include:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Oil & Gas

We also carry the ADS-260 wireless end node for collecting and transmitting data from analog and SDI-12 or Modbus serial sensors.


Analog inputs  1 Bridge Amplifier (Instrumentation Amplifier)
Input Impedance
Differential – 50 MΩ
Common Mode – 10 GΩ
Input Offset Voltage 20 μV max.
Input Voltage Noise 0.7 μV p-p at f = 0.01 Hz to 10 Hz
Input Bias Current 1nA max.
Nonlinearity  0.003 % FS
Gain Drift 25 ppm/°C max.
Gain 100 (25, 50, 250, 500 optional)
Dynamic Response DC to -3 dB = 1 kHz
Common-Mode Rejection 100 dB min. @ gain 100
Bridge Excitation 10VDC/200mA, 5 VDC/200mA
A/D conversion 16-bit resolution
Digital inputs 1, dry contact or 0-30 VDC (DI 1)
Counters 1, 1 kHz, common with DI 1
Power supply 3.6V, 13-18 Ah Lithium Thionyl battery, D-size
Antenna External (optional internal uSplatch)
Data memory 16kB EEPROM
Messaging Uplink – Up to 140 messages/Day
Serial port USB, 9600 to 115200 bps
Temperature -40°C … 65°C, operating
Dimensions 79.5 x 125 x 61 mm (with cable gland)
Protection IP66
Weight 0.3 kg


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