ADsim Software

The ADsim package includes AdsimDesk, a visualization tool which allows graphical display of signals from the Simulink model and interactive modification of model parameters. ADsimDesk simplifies the task of debugging and testing new models.

Simulink model of PID controller with ADsim block for ADwin inputs and outputs


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ADwin real-time data acquisition and control systems offer an optional ADsim software interface to allow complex MATLAB/Simulink models to run at high speed with direct access to the ADwin DAQ hardware. Build your control or signal processing model in Simulink and then with just a few mouse clicks run it on the ADwin system with real-time, deterministic operation.  Utilizing the latest T12 processor of the ADwin Pro-II system, large models with hundreds of blocks can run at speeds up to 200 kHz. Additional capabilities include single or multitasking operation, parallel operation of separate execution threads and seamless data exchange with a Windows or Linux PC using the standard ADwin device drivers.