ADwin HSM-24V

  • Provides 32 Channels of 24 VDC Digital I/O
  • Compatible With Light-16, Gold-II and Pro/Pro-II Systems
  • System Support for up to 15 HSM Modules
  • Perfect for Interfacing to Relays, Solenoids, Switches, etc.

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The ADwin HSM-24V Module provides 32 digital channels which process 24V signals and is operated on the LS bus.

The 32 channels can be set to inputs or outputs in groups of 8. After power-up, all channels are set as inputs.

The module requires an external supply voltage of 19V… 29V. The supply connector plug is placed bottom right (see fig. 3) on the module and has 2 pins each for Vcc and GND. The supply voltage is led to a fuse (5A, delay-action).
Both ground pins are connected to protection earth PE. The supply connection is reverse polarity safe.

The channels are designed to process 24V signals typically and are short-circuit-proof. A signal above 82% of supply voltage is processed as High level, a signal below 66% as Low level. For each channel, there is a LED indicating the status: LED on relates to High level.

The channels have a permissible operation current of 0mA…150mA. If the current exceeds 500mA at a channel, the channel is automatically switched off. An over-current in the range of 150mA…500mA may activate the superheating
protection of the driver, i.e. the driver is switched off, including the corresponding 16 channels.

Each 4 channels have a common GND. The input/output wires are connected to plug-in blocks of binding posts.

The inputs have a filter causing about 12μs signal delay.

The ADwin HSM-24V Module is easily snapped onto the DIN top-hat rail. The module may be processed inside a control cabinet only (industrial use).