Eltek Darca Heritage Software

  • Contact Wizard guides you through connecting to the logger
  • Configure Gen II transmitters and map transmitters to receiver channels
  • Real-time graphs and meters with alarms
  • Powerful graphing tools display real-time or historical data:
    • 3D plots, line, and event
    • Plot color and axis configuration can be saved
    • Text comments can be added to points of interest
    • Summary window displays data and statistical information
  • Shed scheduling utility allows automated data downloading
  • Data can be exported into text format for analysis in a spreadsheet package
  • Password security


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Darca Heritage software is a powerful site-based data acquisition, analysis and reporting software package for Eltek GenII wireless systems. Available in two versions for single or multiple receiver/loggers, it has been designed specifically for museum curators and conservators monitoring large installations. The software allows transmitters to be partitioned into zones and groups that reflect the physical layout of the measurement locations.

Sophisticated but simple-to-use, it provides powerful tools for:

  • Configuring and metering sensors
  • Changing logger settings
  • Updating site data automatically to a data file (version 1) or database (version 2)
  • Warning if any channel inputs are outside of safe limits
  • Sending alarms via email or text message
  • Metering data graphically on user-defined floor plans which show each group’s physical location
  • Analyzing data either graphically or statistically
  • Generating reports for the presentation of data

Darca Heritage has separate packages for administrators and users. The administrator can configure the software, set up the site site layout, configure logger and download data. The user can view downloaded data or current readings.


  • Windows XP / Windows 7/ Windows 10 compatible
  • Connection to logger or receiver via Serial Port, USB to serial converter, LAN or cell modem
  • Password protection for tamper-proof operation
  • Memory size calculator optimizes download time
  • Real-time and historical data display
  • Line, 3D, and event graphs
  • Data export to text files
  • Multi-logger, multi-user, multi-access level support (Darca Heritage 2)
  • Email and SMS alarms (Darca Heritage 2)


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