dataTaker Portable Enclosure

  • Black ABS plastic with neoprene seal and stainless steel hinge
  • Use with lid open, or install glands for cable entry
  • Houses one dataTaker and battery in the steel Lugg-a-Logger cradle (removable), with additional space for a Channel Expansion Module, cables, etc.
  • IP67, NEMA 4
  • Mounting Frame Included



dataTaker Enclosures give you the flexibility to install your dataTaker system in a harsh or otherwise unsuitable environment by providing protection against external conditions such as water, dust, and potential accidents. This enclosure is suitable for all dataTaker systems, and can be used for industrial, weather proof or portable applications.

We offer customization services to mount other equipment such as cell modems, batteries or custom transducers within the enclosure. We can also mount connectors for thermocouples or other transducers to create a turn-key package.