Electrocorder DC-3V-RS

  • Three Channels, selectable range: 60Vdc & 300Vdc
  • Monitor charging circuits, PV (photovoltaic) cell, DC motor, and many other application.
  • Records VAvg, VMax & VMin on all 3 channels. Data is stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Optional DC current transducers available.



Three Channel Dual Range DC-3V-RS DC Voltage Data Logger

The DC-3V-RS DC Voltage Data Logger is ideal for monitoring and recording one, two or three channels of DC voltages from 1Vdc to 300Vdc, with selectable range 0.5V to 60V and 1V to 300V, for example from batteries, circuit breaker trip batteries, charging circuits, power supplies, photovoltaic (PV) cells, DC motor circuits, DC Generators, DC telecoms circuits.

When recording, the Electrocorder will store the average voltage and current over the period chosen (1 sec to 60 min), it will also record the highest (max) & lowest (min) cycle values during that period. The stored data is uploaded to a PC via the supplied USB cable.

Kit includes 60V/300V data logger, unfused voltage input leads, USB lead, 12Vdc PSU, Electrosoft software and carry case.


DC-3V-60 Specifications
Recorded values Vavg, Vmax & Vmin on 3 channels, non-isolated
Voltage Input socket types (all channels) 4mm shrouded plugs and sockets
Vmax & Vmin time resolution 20 ms, independent of selected averaging period
Input impedance 10Ω
Voltage measurement range .51Vdc to 60Vdc, 1Vdc to 300Vdc
Voltage (DC) measurement accuracy  60V range = 6Vdc – 60Vdc < 1% range. 300V range = 60Vdc – 300Vdc <1% range
Sampling frequency (all channels) 800Hz (10 bit resolution)
Data recorded Average, max & min current values during the averaging period
Memory capacity 192kB able to record 32,000 current levels per channel
Memory type Non-volatile SEEPROM
Memory – averaging period & duration 1 sec to 60 mins (1sec gives 2 hrs logging, 60 min gives 300 days logging)
Real-time clock accuracy Greater than 0.001%
Input Lead Length Metric 2 metres; Imperial/English 6’ 6” (6 feet, 6 inches)
Battery life while logging Unlimited – 12Vdc PSU option & battery backup or 6 months while unpowered
Battery Type  Unit contains six 1.5V Alkaline batteries (C-Cell)
Communications Interface type USB, optically isolated to 5,2kV
Environmental (temp & sealing) -10C to +40C or +14°F to +104°F IP43 (IP65 optional)
Dimensions & Weight Metric 260 x 180 x 190mm & 2kg Imperial/English – 10” x 7” x 8” & 4lb
Standards Recording – EN50160: 1994 – CAT II


Electosoft Electrocorder Software GraphElectrosoft is supplied free with all Electrocorder loggers. It allows you to graph and export data files as well as plot energy costs and savings using voltage optimization techniques.

Overview of standard features and reports:Electrosoft Energy Graph

  • Sets-up loggers for recording
  • Plots voltage & current graphs
  • Plots energy & power graphs
  • Extrapolates CO2 usage
  • Database to track logger location
  • Alarms for late returns
  • Prints report quality graphs
  • Languages: En, Es, Fr, Hr, Cz, Fi, De, It, Po, Pt, Se
  • Database can be used across a network
  • Prints User Instructions
  • Plot multiple graphs on a single axes
  • View Voltage Optimization business case
  • Email data files
  • Voltage unbalance calculation
  • Draw Electrical Line Diagrams
  • Manage logger calibration dates
  • NEC 180 min/min calculations
  • Print previews & output to PDF, RTF, XLS, HTML etc