DiaLog Software

  • Construct complex data logging configurations using a simple graphical interface
  • Collect data using ISO 14229 and 15765 Diagnostic Protocols, CCP and directly from a CAN bus
  • Efficient database system allows simple administration of configurations and data
  • USB, GPRS connectivity to Rebel data logger
  • Reconfigure and retrieve data by direct and remote connections
  • Live connection allows real time review of data while recording
  • Complex triggers with up to 30 conditions and 30 actions

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DiaLog Software – Easy to Use Intuitive Configuration Editor

DiaLog Software is the configuration tool for the Influx Rebel family of loggers, which includes data analysis capabilities to form an intuitive software package. You can design your data logger to set up, store, and export files for distribution. DiaLog also comes with DataVue, allowing for advanced visual data analysis with the use of sophisticated graphing tools. DiaLog also offers configuration via Bluetooth or USB and imported industry-standard ASAM A2L files, ODX and CAN dbc formats.

Our intuitive editor allows you to configure the data logger easily. It is simple to collect data on several CAN buses using different protocols simultaneously.

Functions at a glance

  • Builds the logger configurations
  • Connect the Rebel loggers via USB
  • Reconfigure Rebel loggers ready for data logging
  • Monitor live data while logging
  • Upload and analyze data recording files
  • In field firmware upgrades

On-Board Diagnostics

DiaLog has an integrated database that stores OBD data allowing you to configure the Rebel data logger to record powertrain data on almost any modern road vehicle.

ODB Data

  • Supports ISO14229, ISO14230, ISO15765
  • J1939 including DM1 messages
  • OBD Diagnostic Fault Codes
  • Advanced UDS functions such as Fast Data Acquisitions

Compatible with Industry Standards

Most industry-standard file formats are supported. Recorded data can be exported to several formats, including batch file merging.

Supported Data Description File Formats:

  • ASAM A2L – direct memory read operations
  • Vector® CAN DBC and LIN LDF
  • ODX/MDX/GDX – diagnostic databases
  • Fibex format

Supported data analysis file formats:

  • MDF (*.DAT)
  • Matlab™ MAT, MATStruct
  • Ncode®
  • National Instruments® TDM format
  • CSV for data analysis with Excel

Data Analysis

DiaLog includes DataVue a professional data analysis package which allows you to analyze your data quickly.

Some Analysis Features

  • Twin X axis Cursors
  • User-defined templates
  • Post calculated channels
  • Edit notes
  • Zooming in/out points of interest
  • Show sample points
  • Histograms
  • XY plotting
  • Statistical data

DiaLog includes a server batch processing tool that enables you to merge and convert several days of data recording files in a single process.