DT85M Intelligent Universal Input Data Logger

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  • Enhanced Web Interface
  • 16 to 48 Universal Analog Sensor Channels
  • ±30 V Input Measurement Range
  • 8 Digital Channels
  • 4 Counter Channels
  • Serial Sensor Channel
  • USB Memory Slot for Easy Data Transfer
  • Ethernet or USB Communication with PC
  • SDI-12 and Modbus Sensor Support


DT85M Intelligent Universal Input Data Logger Designed For Remote Applications

The dataTaker DT85M Intelligent Universal Input Data Logger is a fully featured low-powered logging platform with an integrated cellular modem, making it perfect for remote applications. The rugged design and wide operating temperature range of the DT85M provides reliable operation in virtually any environment.

Automatic Data Delivery

Forget traveling long distances to get your data. Utilize the DT85M’s automatic data delivery features to schedule your data to be automatically emailed to your inbox every day, week, month or other time interval. More sophisticated systems can make use of the automatic data delivery features to send logged data to an FTP server. Alarm conditions can also trigger data delivery in addition to sending alarm messages to multiple email addresses or mobile phones.

Easy To Configure

The DT85M is configured directly in your web browser using dataTaker’s dEX graphical interface. dEX takes you through the configuration of your logger, showing you wiring diagrams and allowing you to decide – in as much or as little detail – how you want to the system to work, suiting both novice or advanced users. Using the internal modem you can even re-configure your system remotely over the internet if required.


Inbuilt Modem
Features Alarms: Send email or SMS messages
Data: Send data to an email address or FTP server
Remote access: Connect to dEX or Command interface
SIM interface: SIM Socket (1.8V/3V)
Networks Interfaces USA Only: EDGE, GPRS, GSM, CSD
Frequencies EDGE/GPRS/GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
WCDMA/HSUPA/HSDPA: 850/1900/2100 MHz
Analog Channels
Analog Channels 2 Wire w/ Com. Ref. Terminal: 48 Channels (expandable to 960*)
2 Wire Isolated: 32 Channels (expandable to 640*)
3 or 4 Wire Isolated: 16 Channels (expandable to 320*)
* – Expansion requires optional CEM20
Analog Inputs Inter-Channel Isolation: 100 Volts (Relay Switching)
Analog Section Isolation: 100 Volts (Opto-Isolated)
Input Impedance: 100 KO, >100MO
Common Mode Range: ±3.5V or ±35V on 30 Volts Range
Analog Measurement Ranges Voltage: ±30 mVdc; ±300 mVdc; ±3 Vdc; ±30 Vdc
Current: ±0.3 mA; ±3 mA; ±30 mA
Resistance: 100O; 1,000O; 10,000O
Frequency: 100Hz; 10 kHz
Analog Measurement Resolution Voltage: 0.25µV; 2.5µV; 0.25µV; 250µV
Current: 2.5nA; 25 nA ; 250 nA
Resistance: 1.5 mO; 15 mO; 150 mO
Frequency: 0.0002%; 0.0002%
Accuracy DC Voltage: 0.1% (5°C to 40°C); 0.35% (-45°C to 70°C)
DC Current: 0.15% (5°C to 40°C); 0.45% (-45°C to 70°C)
DC Resistance: 0.1% (5°C to 40°C); 0.35% (-45°C to 70°C)
Frequency: 0.1% (5°C to 40°C); 0.25% (-45°C to 70°C)
Sampling Integrates over 50/60 Hz Line Period for Accuracy and Noise Rejection
Maximum Sample Speed: 25 Hz
Effective Resolution: 18 Bits
Linearity: 0.01%
Common Mode Rejection: >90dB
Line Series Mode Rejection: > 35dB
Sensor Excitation (Supply) Analog Channles: Selectable 250µA or 2.5mA Precision Current Source, 4.5V Voltage Source, or Switched External Supply
General Purpose: Switchable 12V Regulated Supply for Powering Sensors & Accessories (Max. 150mA)
Analog Sensors
Thermocouples Type: B, C, D, E, G, J, K, N, R S, T
Calibration Standard: ITS-90
RTDs Materials Supported: Pt, Ni, Cu
Resistance Range: 10O to 10KO
Thermistors Type: YSI 400xx Series, other Types*
Resistance Range: <10kO**
* Other Thermistor Types are Supported by Thermistor Scaling and Calculated Channels
** Resistance Range Can Be Increased with the Use of a Parallel Resistor.
Monolithic Temperature Sensors Type: LM34 – 60, AD590, AD592, TMPxx, LM135, LM235, LM335
Strain Gauge and Bridge Sensors Configurations: 1/4, 1/2 & Full Bridge
Excitation: Voltage or Current
4-20mA Current Loop Internal 100R Shunt or External Shunt Resistor
Digital Channels
Digital Input/Outputs 8 Bi-Directional Channels
Digital Input Type: 8 Logic Level (Max. 20/30 Volts)
Digital Output Type: 4 With Open Drain FET (Max. 30V, 100mA), 4 with Logic Output
Relay Output 1 Latching Relay, contacts (Max: 30Vdc, 1A)
Counter Channels
Low Speed Counters — 8 Counters Shared with Digital Inputs
— 32 Bit Size
— 10 Hz Max Count Rate
— Low Speed Counters do not Function in Sleep Mode
Dedicated Counter Channels — 4 High Speed Inputs or 2 phase encoder (quadrature inputs)
— 32 Bit Size
— 100kHz Max Count Rate
— 2 Logic Level Inputs (Max ±30V)
— 2 Sensitive Inputs (10mV) for Magnetic Pick Ups (Max. ±10V)
Serial Channels
SDI-12 — 4 SDI-12 Inputs, Shared with Digital Channels
— Each input can support multiple SDI-12 Sensors
Calculated Channels
General Combine values from analog, digital and serial sensors using expressions involving variables and functions.
Functions Arithmetic, Trigonometric, Relational, Logical and Statistical
Condition High, Low or Within Range and Outside Range
Delay Optional Time Period for Alarm Response
Actions Set Digital Outputs, Transmit Message, Execute any DataTaker Command
Scheduling of Data Acquisition
Condition High, Low or Within Range and Outside Range
Number of schedules 11
Schedule rates 10ms to days
Internal Data Storage Capacity: 128mb = approx 10,000,000 data points
Removable USB storage device Type:compatible with USb 1.1 or USB 2.0 drivers, e.g. Flash drive
Capacity: approx 90,000 data points per megabyte
Communication Interfaces
Ethernet Port Interface: 10BasteT (10Mbps)
Protocol: TCP/IP
USB Port Interface: USB 1.1 (virtual COM port)
Protocol: ASCII command
Host RS232 Port Speed: 300 to 115,200 Baud (57,600 Default)
Flow Control: Hardware (RTS/CTS), Software (XON/XOFF), None
Handshake Lines: DCD, DSR, DTR, RTS, CTS
Modem Support: Auto-Answer and Dial Out
Protocols: ASCII Command, TCP/IP (PPP), Serial Sensor, Modbus
Serial Sensor Port Interface: RS232, RS422m, RS485
Speed: 300 to 57,600 baud
Flow Control: Hardware (RTS/CTS)
Software: (XON/XOFF), None
Protocols: Modbus (master & slave), Serial Sensor
Network TCP/IP Services
Network Ethernet and/or Host RS232 (PPP) Communication Ports
Command Interface Access the ASCII command interface via TCP/IP
Web Server — Access Current Data and Status from any Web Browser
— Download Data in CSV Format
— Command Interface Window
— Define Mimic Displays
Modbus Server(slave) Access current data and status from any Modbus client
Modbus Client(master) Read/Write data from Modbus sensors and devices including PLC’s dataTaker loggers, modbus displays, etc.
Email Client Email data or alarms directly from the logger
DDNS Client Brwose to the logger over the Internet using Dynamic DNS
FTP Server Access logged data from any FTP client or web browser
FTP Client Automatically upload logged data direct to an FTP server.
Display and Keypad Type: LCD, 2 Line by 16 Characters, Backlight
Functions: Channel Data, Alarms, System Status
Keypad: 6 Keys for Scrolling and Function Execution
Status LEDs: 4 (Sample, Disk, Attention, Power)
Firmware Upgrade Via: RS232, Ethernet, USB disk.
Real Time Clock Normal resolution: 200µs
Accuracy: ±1 min/year (0°C to 40°C), ±4 min/year (-40°C to 70°C)
Power Supply External Voltage Range: 10 to 30 Volts DC
Peak Power: 12W
Average power Consumption (typtical) 1 Sec Sampling: 560 mW (1 Sample); 926 mW (6 Samples)
5 Sec Sampling: 250 mW (1 Sample); 337 mW (6 Samples)
30 Sec Sampling: 50 mW (1 Sample); 65 mW (6 Samples)
1 Min Sampling: 30 mW (1 Sample); 38 mW (6 Samples)
5 Min Sampling: 14 mW (1 Sample); 16 mW (6 Samples)
30 Min Sampling: 11 mW (1 Sample); 11 mW (6 Samples)
1 Hr Sampling: 11 mW (1 Sample); 11 mW (6 Samples)
Physical Environment
Construction Powder Coated Steel & Anodized Aluminum
Dimensions 300 x 137 x 65mm
Weight 2.5kg (5kg shipping)
Operating Range Temperature: -45°C to 70°C (Reduced LCD Operation Outside Range: -15°C to 50°C)
Humidity: 85% RH, Non-condensing


dEX Software

dEX is an intuitive graphical interface that allows you to configure your data logger, view real-time data in mimics,
trend charts or tables and retrieve your historical data for

dEX comes pre-installed on every logger in the DT80 range. The software loads in your web browser so there is no need to install cumbersome applications on your computer. Being browser-based, dEX will work on all major operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Configuration Editor

dataTaker dEX Configuration EditorThe configuration editor allows you to view, edit and save logger configurations in an easy-to-use Windows Explorer style user interface. The configuration tree view allows definition of measurement schedules and measurements.

Wiring diagrams show available wiring configurations for each sensor type. Configuration can be stored and retrieved on either the logger or a local computer.

Mimics and Charts

dataTaker dEX Mimics and ChartsMimics are organized into panels which can be modified to highlight custom alarm conditions or data grouping. Mimics include dials, bar graphs, thermometers, etc. Real-time chart recorder mimic allows you to view trends and historical data over a custom time/date range. Up to 16 mimics can be displayed on up to 5 mimic pages.


Minimum System Requirements

  • Web browser – IE7 or later, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox
  • Adobe Flash Player (10 or higher)
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768